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Thinking on recruiting more barbers for your barbershop or are you looking for a new career and want to see what the role entails and need a barber job description?

Either way, we have put together this guide to cover off the expected roles and responsibilities for a barber.

As a bonus, we have included the chance to download a free pdf job description template for a barbers.


What You Will Learn in This Article?

In this article you will learn how to get a perfect barber for your salon.


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  1. What Does a Barber Do During An Appointment?
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  3. How to become a barber?
  4. What Barber Working Conditions Like?
  5. How To Be The Best Barber?
  6. How Much Does A Barber Earn?
  7. Lets Go Through Some Of The Elements For a Barber Job Description

A barber is a person who provides services primarily for male clients. Occasionally, some woman with short hair come to a barbershop, mostly because of the crowd in a womens hair salon and the ability to 'walk-in' to many barbershops without an appointment.

But, it is so rare.

Male customers, you must admit, are much easier for work than the women. So, you as a barber will have a bit of an easier job than a hairstylist.

But, on the other hand, a barber has much more duties than a hairstylist.

He or she (yes there are now more and more lady barbers) not only cuts and styles hair but also trims beards and carries out wet shaves, with the very scary cut-throat razor (also called a straight razor).

What Does a Barber Do During An Appointment?


When a client steps into a barbershop, he expects quality, fast, polite and professional service from his barber, with a great overall customer experience.

Often the client already has an idea which hairstyle wants but still, he will probably want to hear get advice on what style would suit him. You should follow mens hair trends and a client knows that.

Where should you get inspiration as a barber?

There are plenty of places these days to get inspiration these days, including Instagram, Pinterest & Snapchat.

You don’t need to make suggestions if the client don’t ask. But if they do, tell them your best proposal and sometimes if they tell you a style then you can advise them on something which is more suited to them.

Remember clients often don't know what they really want and will always go with the normal and not be adventurous.

A satisfied client must be your goal.

When a client decides about the service he wants, a barber begins with his work. Dependent on the clients wishes, a barber may wash, cut, trim, and style the clients hair to get the final quality result.

During the process, a barber may use equipment such as clippers, combs and scissors. Excellent clipper & scissor skills are required for the skills of a barber and knowledge of how to grade, fade and taper styles is very important for success in this role.

A mentioned previously, a barber also carries our wet shaves and this has been a growing trend globally where more and more hip barbers have been appearing and providing a more premium type of experience.

As well as using a straight razor, they will also shape mustaches with scissors.

In some cases, some barbers will provide skin care procedures, including hot towel treatments and nail treatments as well (but the later is quite rare).

More and more barbershops are finding that retail is a great source of revenue, so you may be required to upsell customers to hair and beard products, such as pomades and beard oils.

After the barber has completed the cut and any retail up-selling, they record and receive payment for services and products from the client, as salon receptionists do. If using online barbershop software, they will also record the service provided, products sold within the software after each visit.

Besides these regular activities, a barber must take care of inventory. He orders and receives materials and equipment when they arrive at the barbershop. You will also need to maintain hygiene and cleanliness in the barbershop.

As you can see, there are job duties of a barber, with many tasks to carry out during an appointment.

So, prepare to work hard and as your on your feet all day, barber working conditions may be tough for some people.

But you will also have a very interesting, dynamic and diverse job if you decide to become a barber.

Be a Great Communicator


One of the most important things in barber job is to communicate well and all of the time with clients. If you don’t communicate well, you cannot know what the client wants and what you need to do to make them satisfied.

So, listen, talk and acknowledge your client.

This is the only way to be sure that you understood client’s needs, build customer loyalty and get that all important repeat business.

If you do not have great interpersonal skills, then barbering isn't going to the be the job for you. May be go and work in an office, where you don't have to interact with people.

In its article on reasons to go to a barbers, points out that going to a barbershop is about the a special experience and one that understands the needs of a man with regards to stylist. So it is essential that barbers fulfill this objective.

How to become a barber?


There are a steps to become a barber

For instance, if you are in the USA, you will be required to go to a registered cosmetology or barber school to achieve a barber license.

If you are in the UK or Germany, you can do on the job apprenticeship training.

Without knowledge, you cannot do anything. However, you will need experience too. At least 2-3 years, if you want to get a barber job in the better barbershop. Even then you are not finished with your education. You must continuously work on yourself. You may attend barber workshop for example or read magazines. But, if you love your job, it will not be a burden to you. You will enjoy enriching your knowledge.

What Barber Working Conditions Like?


As with any job that you are on your feet all day, then it can become tiring and if the barbershop is a busy sometimes it can be relentless, especially on Fridays and Saturdays.

Working in a barbershop generally is a pleasant experience and there is a good bond between then barbers and it is more like a friendly environment due to the nature of the product.

Besides that, you should be in a good shape because most of the working time you will standing. Also you must have a mentally strength, because not all customers will be pleasant. You must deal with difficult and demandable clients too. To succeed in that you must have the ability to work under pressure.

From a safety viewpoint

Some barbers do wear items such as gloves and aprons and this is because some job duties of a barber may expose you to chemical or blood. If you are washing hair a lot, this can cause skin irritation because of exposure to some shampoo which can dry the skin and there us also possible blood when carrying out wet-shaves.

How To Be The Best Barber?


If you want to be successful in a barber job then you must have excellent interpersonal and customer service skills. In the hairstyling business is critical to repeat clients to come back and to tell their friends and family members about your services. It is also imperative that you have good listening skills, because you must firstly understand what the client needs and then fulfill it.

Something that is often not considered is that you may also need marketing skills to draw more clientele, many barbershops do not employ staff directly and have agreements with independent barbers who rent a chair within the barbershop.

More hipster or upmarket barbershops will usually have employees within their shop

The first golden rule of the business is a fulfillment of the customer’s need. Customer’s satisfaction must always be in the first place. A satisfied client will return to the barbershop again and again. He will also attract more customers with his spread of his positive experience in your barbershop. So, work hard, communicate a lot and fulfill customers needs and you will be the best barber in your neighborhood.

This barber job description is just an overview of steps to become a barber and the daily tasks involved. . But you could see that a barber job is very dynamic, but interesting. Also creative. You will be able to work in a flexible industry and create your own business or work at a barbershop for a salary. You will also work with people, in the pleasant environment.

How Much Does A Barber Earn?


This can vary by barbershop, country, city and even district, it is impossible to put in this barber job description. There are number of websites you can look at to see what the salaries of a barber would be in your area you can look at websites such as:

There are a number of different ways a barber could earn:

There are a several different ways for your to be contracted but in this barber job description we will cover off some of the main contract types which many barbers are either employed or contracted under.

  • Salaried - this means that a barber would be paid an hourly rate by their employer and this would usual come with some type of employment contract. There are times that a barber may also by paid commission to improve productivity and also retail sales.
  • Commission only - this is on a self employed basis usually and there barbershop will split the revenue made on services between the barbershop and the barber, this could typically be 60% to the barbershop and 40% to the barber. If you are on this contract, it could also be that the barber may incur 'back-bar' charges and this is the use of towels, shampoos, conditioners and styling products.
  • Chair or booth renter - this means that the barber will pay a monthly fee to the barbershop to rent (as the name suggests) rent a chair. There is generally no marketing support etc for a barber who is contracted in this way and it is up to the barber to find his or her own clients, as well the need to bring their their own styling products etc.

Lets Go Through Some Of The Elements For a Barber Job Description

  • Provides services for primilly male clients, but also for female clients with short hair
  • Uses tools as scissors, clippers, razors, combs, hair dryer
  • Identifies hair problems and suggests what treatment is the best for it
  • Listens to client's request and suggests hairstyle according to current male hairstyles trends
  • Puts protective cloths around customers' shoulders
  • Washes, cuts, trims, curls, colors, or straightens and styles hair with clippers, combs, scissors and others equipment
  • Dries the hair with a hair dryer and makes a final shaping of the hair
  • Applies lather and shaves beards, and neck and temple hair contours, using razors
  • Shapes and trims beards and mustaches with scissors
  • Provides skin care and nail treatments
  • Applies solutions to hair for therapeutic or styling purposes
  • Applies cleansing or conditioning agents to client hair, scalp, or skin
  • Possible provision of face, neck, and scalp massages
  • Provides medical or cosmetic advice for clients
  • Recommends and sells additional retail products
  • Cleans and sterilizes scissors, combs, clippers, and other instruments
  • Cleans workstations and sweep floors and other facilities
  • Schedules clients or cancels appointments by the clients' request
  • Receives payment from customers for services
  • Records notes of work done, products used and fees charged after each visit
  • Performs administrative duties such as hiring and supervising personnel
  • Supervises workers and encourages teamwork
  • Maintains service quality by following standards of the barbershop
  • Maintains the safety of clients by applying standards of the barbershop and legal regulations
  • Maintains and improves technical knowledge by attending educational courses, workshops, reviewing journals and publications
  • Anticipates inventories required for the next period
  • Controls, orders and receives materials, supplies, and equipment
  • Maintains hygiene and cleanliness in the barbershop

Does becoming a barber sound like the right career path for you? Has this barber job description you a taste for more?


So, go for it!



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