Belliata Product Update | July 2017

salon software update july 2017

Depending where you are in the world, you might be laying on the beach for your summer vacation or keeping warm in your winter.

Whilst you have be doing this, we have been working away to improve your businesses scheduling software to make it easier for you to run your salon, barber shop or spa and for your clients to book.

You can log into your account via your local website to see the updates:

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If there any other functions or improvements you want to see and help us create the best salon software, then leave your feedback in the comments section at the bottom of this product update.

Product Improvements



  1. Ability To Specify Gender For Services
  2. Telephone Number Added To Online Booking
  3. Client Account Area
  4. Ability To Add Cancellation Terms
  5. Improved Calendar Design on Smartphones

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Ability To Specify Gender For Services


We have been asked by clients who are located in certain parts of the world or carry out intimate services such as hair removal or massage that you can specify in your schedule a service is only provided to a certain gender.

Well as always we aim to be please.

You are now able to go into go in your services and add gender to existing services or if you are adding a new service, you will see it in the ‘Add Service’ pop up.

If your services is available to everyone

don’t worry,

you don’t need to change anything.


gender specific services
Image: Select gender in the ‘Add Service’ pop up

We always try to surprise you and this time we have added a message on your booking engine telling your clients that the service is only for a certain gender.

Gender Specific Services Shown During Online Booking

This message will only appear if you have chosen to specify a service is only for female or male clients.


gender services booking
Image: Gender shown in online booking


Telephone Number Added To Online Booking


To help you deliver a better customer experience for your salon, barber shop or spa clients, we have added your telephone number to your online booking.

We have even made the number clickable, so if your client is on a smartphone then all they need to call you is click the telephone number and it will dial for them.


online booking telephone number
Image: Your telephone number added to online booking

The telephone number displayed is the telephone number in your venue settings.

To change the telephone number, simply go to ‘Settings’ then to ‘Edit Telephone Number’ and you can change the telephone number which appears.

Please be aware that this will also change your Belliata directory listing as well.


online booking telephone number edit
Image: How to add telephone number to online booking


Improved Online Booking With Collapsable Variants


To improve your clients online booking experience and to support next months multi variant pricing, we have added collapsed menus.

These drop downs, which can be seen below, create cleaner online booking journey ensuring your clients are not just seeing a huge list of services and this can lead to confusion.

One of out key aims is to provide your clients with a great booking experience and this will ensure that more and more of your clients book online.

Which means less telephone calls, missed telephone calls when you are busy and more booking made by clients when your business is closed.


salon online booking
Image: New collapsable service variables for online booking

Client Account Area


This is phase one of our client account area.

This first part, allows for clients to log in to being able to make their bookings, without the need to create having to sign up.

What can clients do in their account area?

Clients are able to:

  • Log in
  • Update telephone number
  • Update email address

How a clients logs into their account

salon booking account log in
Image: Client logged into online booking account/figcaption>


Client logged into their account

salon booking account log out
Image: How a client signs into their account

In phase 2, your clients will be able to:

  • Re-schedule
  • Rebook previous services
  • Cancel appointment

Is there anything else your client might want to do in their account area?

Tell us in the comments section below and we might include it in future product updates.

Display Cancellation Policy


As more of our clients are using our online booking widgets on their websites or Facebook then it is becoming more important that you are able to show your cancellation policy to clients who are using this valuable tool.

It is essential that you have a cancellation policy, even though it can be difficult to enforce if you are not taking credit or debit card detail at time of booking.

Some important news for you..

We are working on allowing you that function in a couple of months by the way.

In the meantime your policy will be displayed at the end of the booking process and clients are asked to check they box to accept your cancellation policy.


salon booking cancellation policy
Image: Client has to check box to accept booking terms


You can add your cancellation policy by going t the ‘Online Booking’ page and you will see the text box where you can add the policy.


salon booking cancellation policy venue
Image: Add your salons, barber shop or spas cancellation policy


Improved Scheduling Calendar on Smartphone


Been having issues with our calendar view on mobile devices?

Well we have taken your feedback on also as part of our mobile first development strategy

There is a continuous project to ensure that our mobile experience is one of the best in scheduling.

If there is any feedback you might have regarding our mobile website, please leave any comments in the comments section below.

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