Belliata Product Update: August 2017

salon software update 2017

We have had a busy couple of weeks since our last update here at Belliata.

Our amazing development team; Aybat, Daiyr and Gleb have been working hard taking your valuable feedback and improving Belliata better for you and your clients.

You can log into your account via your local website to see the updates:

USA / Global



If there any other functions you want to see in our salon and spa software, then leave them in the comments section at the bottom of this product update.

Did you miss our July Product Update? See what product improvements we made in July.

Product Improvements

  1. Service Pricing Variants
  2. Improved Booking Experience
  3. Customize Invoice Information
  4. New Statuses Added
  5. Cancellation Reasons
  6. Block Clients from Booking Online
  7. Block Time in Schedule

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Service Pricing Variants

You are now able to add service price variants by:

  • Staff member role – i.e. Senior Stylist, Creative Director etc
  • Length of time – ie 30 minutes or 1 hour chair massage for example
  • Length of hair or something similar

Multiple Pricing

You can see in the screen shot below the fields called ‘Caption’, in this section, you can write long hair, short hair, medium hair (above the shoulder) type messaging to the your clients on your online booking.

multiple pricing schedule
Image: Multiple pricing

Staff Based Pricing

Image: Staff based pricing

Improved Booking Experience

As always we are continuing to improve our core product to always make it the best experience for you.

Now, when you click on a member of staff in their own view or the column in the all staff view, your create appointment pop up will now choose the staff members name automatically and you no longer have to select their name from the drop down.

improve booking schedule
Image: Improve schedule experiene

Customize Invoice Information

You are no able to able as much key business information to your invoices as you wish. You can add VAT numbers, private insurance provider numbers, registered business address… well the choice is yours.

BUT the is more…

Your logo will be added to your PDF version of an invoice when you print it. 

salon invoice design
Image: New improved client invoice

There is even more…

We have also add sequential invoice numbers dedicated to your business. Clients in India and Australia have been asking for this and we are pleased to be able to deliver it for you all.

salon invoice numbers
Image: Sequential invoice numbers

New Statuses Added

Clients all over the world have been asking for more statuses. So we have added the following statuses

  • New
  • Confirmed
  • Running Late
  • Started
  • No-Show
  • Completed

You will now see a little icon in the top right of the appointment in your schedule.

salon software statuses

Cancellation Reasons

You can now label the reasons for cancellation which will appear in our soon to come reporting suite (for premium plan users).

How To Add Cancellation Reasons

cancellations reasons hair salon
Image: How to add cancellation reasons

Block Clients from Booking Online

Having issues with clients being regular no-shows?

We have introduced the ability to block clients from booking online.

To use use simply go to the clients account and click on the block button. Don’t worry you can also remove the block at anytime if you prefer.

block customer booking
Image: Block clients from online booking

Block Time in Schedule

Need to add a quick break, training or a staff meeting?

You are now able to block out time in your calendar with a couple of clicks

Look out for further improvements in the coming month to this function

Bug Fixes

As always we want to create the perfect product for our clients. But we realise that is not always the case, so here our our fixes for this release.

We are human as well.

If you any any issue or a problem, tell matter how small!

Block booking issue – Fixed

Some users where experiencing issues with the block booking time, where it was not saving the time. There was also an issue regarding repetitive bookings not showing.

Invoice PDF formatting – Fixed

The styling of the pdf was not the best and some users experience layout issues when the invoice had a service with a large number of characters in its name.

Safari browser schedule booking issue – Fixed

Some users experienced issues when trying to book using Safari on an iPhone.

As part of this fix, we have redesigned our mobile schedule to make it easier to use.

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salon software statuses

What can you expect in the next couple months?

New Languages being launched in the next month….

  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Spanish (Mexican / Argentinian)
  • Dutch
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Portuguese (Brazilian)
  • Polish

We have more exciting languages being launched this year. Tell us in the comments below if you would like a specific language and if you are willing to help translate.

Dedicated sites being launched in:

  • New Zealand
  • Australia

Redesigned Checkout Process

From our customer research we have found you would like the following:

  • Ability to e-mail invoice to client
  • Add / remove services at checkout
  • Improved design to make it easier to use and less steps

Improved Staff Roster Management

Our clients with larger salons and spas have asked for a more staff rota management.

As always, we are happy to deliver!

You will be able to see you total opening hours for your venue and add your start to ensure you have coverage for your opening hours and ensure you are compliant with working hours and breaks.

Ability to upload your customer data & sync with Google Drive

Many of you have asked us for the ability to back-up your client data.

We will be working on enabling this to happen at the end of every business day that your client details are saved to Google Drive.

But we will also do all of your bookings and business finances as well.

Accept Online Payments

We are working with our partners at Stripe & Paypal to enable you to accept deposit of full payments during online booking or at checkout in your salon or spa. This is part of our premium plan only and not for those on the free plan.

We are currently also working on local providers for our Indian & European clients also.

Are there any payment providers you use? Tell us below.

Are there any updates you want to see in your salon software?

Tell us in the comments below…

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