Belliata Product Update: September 2017

salon software september 2017

If you are in the northern hemisphere then the evenings are getting dark earlier (yes winter is on its way!) and you lucky people in the southern hemisphere are getting ready for Spring!.

But whatever the season, Aybat, Diayr have been working away to bring you some nice improvements to your software.

Although there hasn’t been any major product updates this month, there are some big ones in the works and this is the reason we have less product updates then usually.

You can log into your account via your local website to see the updates:

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If there any other functions you want to see in our salon and spa software, then leave them in the comments section at the bottom of this product update.

Did you miss our August Product Update? See what product improvements we made in August.

Product Improvements

  1. Schedule Load Speed
  2. Quick Switch To Single Staff View

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Schedule Load Speed

This is one of our teams main key performance indicators (KPIs / targets or whatever you like to call them) is to keep driving down our page loads time, so you and your clients have the best user experience when using our salon software.

In the past month the guys have taken page load time in the main schedule to around 3 seconds, which is a 50% reduction on previous load times and we will continue to work to keep bringing this down.

salon software load time
Image: Salon Schedule Calendar Load Speed

Quick Switch To Single Staff View

Want to quickly get to the staff members individual calendar quickly?

We have now added the function to allow you to click on the staff members name and this will then take you to their single or weekly column.

To go back to the all staff view, simply click on the staff members name and back you go.

salon software calendar view

Bug Fixes

We work hard to ensure that our product is 100% bug free and in our belief in being transparent, we have our bugs which we have fixed in the past month.

If you any any issue or a problem, tell matter how small! You can use the live chat in the bottom left of your salon schedule to tell us of any issues you may have.

Male only appointment image no showing – Fixed

Users who had created male only services had issues where the male icon was not showing next to the service on the venue booking page.

Invoice PDF formatting – Fixed

The styling of the pdf was not the best and some users experience layout issues when the invoice had a service with a large number of characters in its name.

Safari browser schedule booking issue – Fixed

Some users experienced issues when trying to book using Safari on an iPhone.

As part of this fix, we have redesigned our mobile schedule to make it easier to use.

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salon software statuses

What can you expect in the next couple months?

New Languages being launched in the next few months….

  • German
  • Spanish
  • Spanish (Mexican / Argentinian)
  • Dutch
  • French
  • Portuguese
  • Portuguese (Brazilian)
  • Polish
  • Italian

We have more exciting languages being launched this year. Tell us in the comments below if you would like a specific language and if you are willing to help translate.

Dedicated sites being launched next month (November) in:

  • New Zealand
  • Australia

Redesigned Checkout Process

From our customer research we have found you would like the following:

  • Ability to e-mail invoice to client
  • Add / remove services at checkout
  • Ability to edit pricing at checkout
  • Improved design to make it easier to use and less steps

Gift Cards / Gift Vouchers

We have some good feedback from you all on how you would like our gift card process to work and we have taken your feedback onboard and will start developing this shortly.

One of the key items is around accounting and that sold gift cards should be seen as a liability of your balance sheet and we will take this into consideration when designing our processes. For example, many accountants prefer the revenue to be shown only when the gift card is used against a transaction and not at the time of purchasing the gift card / voucher.

Ability To Create Packages

We have been designing the workflow for you to be able to create packages, which can include multiple service providers and multiple products.

This important for people who are running Spa’s where a number of services providers can deal with one client and salons where you have a colorist and a stylist delivering a ‘packaged service’ for a client.

Improved Staff Roster Management

Our clients with larger salons and spas have asked for a more staff rota management.

As usual, we are happy to deliver!

You will be able to see you total opening hours for your venue and add your start to ensure you have the staff coverage for your opening hours and ensure you are compliant with working hours or breaks.

Accept Online Payments

We are working with our partners at Stripe & Paypal to enable you to accept deposit of full payments during online booking or at checkout in your salon or spa. This is part of our premium plan only and not for those on the free plan.

We are currently also working on local providers for our European & Indian clients also.

Are there any payment providers you use? Tell us below.

Are there any updates you want to see in your salon management software?

Tell us in the comments below…

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