Hair Salon Keywords | Belliata's Non Scary Guide to Discovering the Right Terms to Drive Foot Fall to Your Business

Getting to grips with hair salon keywords for both search engine optimization (SEO) and cost-effective search engine advertising is not usually the key skill of a salon owner or manager…

but we will break down the mystical world of keyword rankings for you today.

Within this blog post your we will explain the following:

  1. Best hair salon keywords
  2. How to set up Google Adwords ‘Location Targeting’
  3. How to set up landing page for service to get better search enginge optimisation and new customers
  4. Why is making sure your website is mobile optimised is the next most important to your targeted search terms

What are keywords (also called “search terms”)?

Keywords are those things that potential (and existing) customers type into Google or Bing when searching for a new hair or beauty salon, barbershop or spa.

This is called hyperlocal marketing, as you should have your business focus on local search terms.

If you don’t show up (ie have top ranking) on these keywords…

You are losing out on a huge amount of FREE new customers.

That’s right; in the USA, over 1 Million people are searching for a hair salon every month!

Even if you are in the UK or Australia or any other country for that matter there is still a hugely relative amount of people searching for a new salon every month.

Lets look at some specific estimated search volumes in some major cities (estimate made during May 2016):

London, United Kingdom: 9,000 people search every month

New York City, USA: 10,000 people search every month

Sydney, Australia: 7,000 people search every month

As you can see from the numbers above, you need to make sure your website is optimized for the right salon keywords….

Get it right and you will win against your competitors

But you ask…..

What are the keywords which drive such search engine traffic?

Hold on!

We need to cover off some very important aspects of how Google (especially) display search on there website.

Google Adwords, these are sponsored (paid) adverts, and have the word ‘Ad’ (or something similar in your language) displayed next to them. You would have seen the ads on Google to the right of the natural search listing but Google has now removed these and only show the ads at the top and the bottom of the page.

This is what is called the ‘3 Pack’ in search engine optimisation experts terminology and is a Yelp free zone where your only other competitors are other salons – This is the most important for any salon to be displayed in the top 3

Natural search, this is where you can optimise your website to appear nearer the top. There are some issues though, in many countries, you are fighting against Yelp, Timeout and hair and beauty marketplaces such as Treatwell (in Europe) or Beauty Booked or Styleseat (in the US)

Well before that I need to explain something…

We need to break the keywords down into groups

Firstly we will split this blog post on search terms into US English & British English

‘Why is that”? You are asking…

Well, people use different keywords when searching for a hairdresser in different English speaking countries

We will then break it down to the top keywords for natural search engine optimization

Last but not least we will look at keywords ideal for pay per click advertising, for Google Adwords and Bing Ads.

This will ensure you get as much traffic from search engines as your skills and budget allow

So which countries use the same search terms?

US English, which covers;

British English covers;
New Zealand

What are best keywords for hair salons?

Let us look at the US Group first

(if you are only interested in the British English – click here and you will jump to the section)

Firstly the best search keyword terms you need to focus on for the biggest search engine traffic are:

  • City Level – Hair salon NYC (& New York City)
  • Borough Level – Hair salon Manhattan
  • District Top Level – Hair salon Midtown or Hair Salon Midtown NYC
  • District Drilldown Level – Hair salon Midtown east or Hair salon Midtown east NYC
  • Zipcode + city – hair salon 10001
  • Zipcode – hair salon 10001

There are two other opportunities to drive traffic:

Best and Top

For example you can have

City Level – Best + Hair salon NYC (& New York City)


City Level – Top + Hair salon NYC (& New York City)

If your salon is focused on a certain ethnicity you can also try (using New York City as our example again)

Japanese hair salon NYC
Dominican hair salon NYC
Asian hair salon NYC
African American hair salon NYC

So let us look at the British English version of the salon keywords list

The main one in British English is that people are looking for a hairdresser more than a hair salon.

For example

  • City level – Hairdresser London
  • Area level – Hairdresser East London
  • District level – Hairdresser Shoreditch
  • Postcode + city – Hairdresser E1
  • Postcode – Hairdresser EC1

Like the US examples, your hair salon could specifically target a specific ethnicity

Asian hairdresser London
Afro-Carribean hairdresser London

If we now look at paid keywords through Google Adwords or Bing Ads, then we can start to use location targeting within the adverts.

Firstly, to ensure maximum effectiveness of your Google Adwords Team on ‘How to Set Up Location Targeting’ to enable you to focus your ads to be effective.



Location Targeted Salon Keywords

  • Hair salon near me
  • Hair salons near me
  • Hair stylist/s
  • Hair salon/s
  • Hairdresser/s
  • Top / best hair salon/s
  • Top / best hair hairdresser/s
  • Cheap hair salon
  • Cheap hairdresser/s


You must set up location targeting, or else your ads will be shown all over your country!!

Wherever you don’t put your city or district etc within the keywords for your ads, you MUST do location targeting.

Service Keywords

Many people forget that customers also search for the services they are looking for

For this you need to target

service + city or district
service + salon + city or district


  • Hair straightening
  • Black hair salons
  • Hair braiding
  • Ombré
  • Japanese hair straightening
  • Mens haircut
  • Womens haircut
  • Childrens haircut
  • Brazilian hair straightening
  • Extensions
  • Weave

How to target these service keywords

You will need to set up a page on your website specifically for each service.

This will ensure you get better conversion of your marketing spend and also help with your search engine optimization.

For instance, if you provide hair straightening in your salon, it is best practice to have your URL look like this.

There is a good example from Hair Place, a salon in New York specialising in wigs and hair straightening who have search optimised their website very well.

But it is not just that easy, else every one would be doing it!

To get higher rankings on Google, you need to provide great content as well.

Make sure you write about your service, add some photos and some customer reviews and some links to reference sites like the Wikipedia page for the service …

and make sure your telephone number or have a booking button to allow customers to book online through your salon software.

Sometimes it is best to make some services a phone call, especially for something like hair straightening so you can get more details from the customer

Why is making sure your website is mobile optimized?

95% of search carried out on mobile devices is via Google search

You can check if your website is mobile optimized by using this Google tool

If your site is not working on smartphones, then Google will penalize you and give you poorer search engine rankings in its search results, as you are not providing a good user experience to people using its search.

So speak to your website developer if your website isn’t mobile-friendly.

If your site isn’t mobile-friendly…

don’t waste your money on mobile ads through Google or Bing.

You can turn off mobile ads by changing your bid adjustments, what this YouTube on how to do it

Some other top tips for getting the most from your Google AdWords or Bing Ads marketing spend

When setting your AdWords budget make sure you set a target and set it to be spread across the day, don’t burn your spend at the beginning of the day.

Add Negative words, this stops wasteful spending, you will need to look through the keyword and see which ones are wrong for your business and add them. It can take a little time but worth it!

If you use salon scheduling software, see if they are able to add a conversion code to their thank you page to track conversion…

just look or would on their websites. This allows you to see what salon keywords are converting for you to customers.

Tools for you to find the best salon keywords and website rank tracking

Ubersuggest, a free tool to find keywords

Google Keyword Tool is within your Adwords account and can give you search trend data etc

Positionly a good tool to monitor your position in search engines. You can also check where your position is on mobile and desktop. allows you to search other search engine traffic from the likes of YouTube and Bing is a another free tool to track your search engine rankings at a local level

Generate local search terms

Essential Mix

You have to make sure you that search SEO is a key part of your online strategy, analysing and optimising continuously for salon SEO keywords as well to ensure you are able to drive traffic from both paid ads and SEO (search engine optimisation)
Lets recap what we have we have gone through
Top keywords
Quick optimisation tips

Don’t forget to improve conversion of visitors to customer appointments by having salon software, in your salon and allowing online appointment booking.

Have you got any tips on how to find the best search words for salons?



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