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If you are already a hairstylist then to be a salon manager is a goal for many but read through this salon manager job description and see if it is the right job for you.

Like we mentioned above, if you're currently a hair stylist, we guess you think what is a salon manager and what does your salon manager actually do, so hopefully, we will be able to answer those questions and provide more insight into the salon manager duties and responsibilities.


What you will learn

In this article we will give you a complete job overview of a salon manager. We will walk you through the required duties and responsibilities in successful salon operations management.


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  1. What Does A Salon Manager Do?
  2. Managing Staff
  3. Marketing & Promotion
  4. Customer Experience
  5. Schedule & Appointment Management
  6. Salon Retail Sales
  7. Stock & Equipment Management
  8. Salon Financial Management
  9. Salon Safety & Hygiene
  10. Liaise with Salon Owner or Head Office
  11. Salon Manager Salary
  12. Required Skills For A Salon Manager
  13. Characteristics Of A Salon Manager
  14. Salon Manager Duties - Highlights
  15. Other Roles Within a Hair Salon
  16. Is Salon Management A Good Career?
  17. Salon Manager Job Description Template - Free Download

What Does A Salon Manager Do?


As the name suggests, a salon managers role is managing a salon or a number of salons profitably, efficiently, and safely.

Depending on whether you are solely there to manage the salon or you are also cutting hair within the salon, this will affect your job description but in this post, we have created it as if your role is only to manage the salon operations on a daily basis.

Managing Staff


At the heart of every successful salon there are high-quality, creative, dedicated, and motivated (depending on the salon manager) staff.

One of the biggest duties in the salon manager job is that of staff management, ranging from staff recruitment through to retention and training.


Staff Recruitment

  salon manager job description recruitment

As a salon manager, your job will be to find quality new staff for your salon. You will know the best places to recruit the right calibre of staff from a number of resources.

These resources could be:


You will need to shortlist, interview, and select staff utilizing the correct job description and interview questions for your level of staff. We have added a detailed hair stylist job description for you to use when recruiting barber or hairstylist.

There can be in some salons a high staff turnover, an interesting statistics from BambooHR showed that 1/3 of new starters quit their jobs after just six months.
so with this statistic in mind, you will be regularly recruiting new team members for your salon.

But hopefully not if your a good salon manager.




It is the salon manager's responsibility to bring the new hire into the salon and explain to them the processes and procedures, often called onboarding in major companies.

This is an essential part of the salon recruitment process, as it covers a number of areas. Firstly it ensures that new staff joining your salon are made to feel welcome and secondly, it ensures that they are fully aware of all processes and procedures.


Disciplinary & Dismissal

Not always a duty that is listed in the salon manager job spec but it can be a critical part of the role.

From time to time, staff will be consistently late, steal, bully other members of staff, and even bully customers if given a bad review score for example it is the responsibility of the salon manager to carry out disciplinary actions with staff in a legally compliant process in your country.

This is often a weak management area within salons and can cause legal claims from ex-staff against the business for not following the correct legal process.


Training & Motivation

  salon manager job description motivation

Ensuring your team is engaged is largely driven by them feeling wanted and appreciated within the salon.

One of the easiest ways to motivate your salon staff is to carry out regular training, whether it be creative, product or soft skills training, ie customer service, etc.

It is also part of the role of the salon manager to use product suppliers to deliver training to their staff and ensure that suppliers are helping deliver better business profitability, whilst driving staff retention.

An essential (if not critical) part is also to give appraisals to staff and giving them regular feedback on how they can improve their creativity and other skills related to their job.

This can be an excellent motivation tool and if done correctly (i.e. focus heavily on the positives) can lead to a great relationship between salon manager and staff member.


Mentoring & Leadership

A salon manager leads by example and should be a role model for all staff within the salon.

It is important that the staff within the salon see the salon manager as their mentor and someone who leads them in an effective but caring way.

As a salon manager you must have adequate knowledge, professionalism, experience, and skills in order to do it well. If this is not the case, then it is likely that both staff and customers will not have high regard for you.

Marketing & Promotion


You, as a salon manager, will have creative work to do as well and we don't mean creating a great hairstyle!

All marketing and promotion activities within the salon are also a part of a salon managers job description, this is due to the fact that one of your key responsibilities is to drive revenue into your salon.

You will be expected to identify ways of improving revenue and profitability within the salon, through successful marketing or retention activity and managing the marketing budget accordingly.

Coming up with good salon marketing ideas can be a difficult task. You will be expected to understand various different marketing channels including; Google Adwords, social media marketing; such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Snapchat.


The final goal is to increase the number of customers that are using the salon in a profitable way.

Customer Experience

  salon manager job description customer

Ensuring, as the salon manager, your salon is delivering a great customer experience is becoming more and more important.

As the salon manager, it is your responsibility to ensure every client touchpoint, this includes your website working properly, the friendliness of staff in the salon is always excellent and the services or product are at their best they could possibly be.

If your team fail to deliver a great customer experience, this can lead to low customer retention and worse still bad online reviews!

Poor client retention will make a salon manager's job more difficult, as you are constantly looking for new clients.

A report by Harris Interactive & RightNow found the 9 out of 10 customers where willing to pay a higher price to get a superior customer experience.

So it is the salon manager's role to ensure that the customer experience is being improved all of the time.

And as the RightNow report suggests, contribute to higher revenues.

Schedule & Appointment Management


Making sure you are running your salon's appointment schedule effectively = greater profits.

Why great profits?

If you are maximizing your schedule this means that your stylists and technicians will be more productive.

Many salons are still working on the old school paper-based appointment book, but the more advanced salons are using salon software to manage their schedule and accept online bookings, thus driving productivity.

Double bookings, staff vacations, or sicknesses are all things that you will need to monitor if your salon is using a paper appointment book, as this won't be automatically updated and needs to be managed carefully by the salon manager.

Salon Retail Sales

  salon manager job description retail

Retail sales can drive extra profits to your salons bottom line.

As part of the job of salon managers, it is required that the salon manager sets retail sales targets for their teams to achieve.

A salon manager should set a target of between 10% - 20% of gross revenue (ie total revenue but tax deductions) for retail sales within a salon, whatever your target, it should be realistic and if not, you are likely to demotivate your staff.

In the US alone, shampoo sales bought from other locations other then a salon amount to $1.4 billion....

wouldn't you like some of that revenue in your salon?

Motivating staff, setting targets, ensuring they have received sales training, and making sure the suppliers have carried out product training is an important part of the duties of a salon manager.

Stock & Equipment Management


You will also manage stock and equipment within the salon.

This means that you will have to control stock levels, including inventory management, order stock, prepare purchase orders, receive deliveries, laundry management, etc.

If you are using a salon point of sale system, then you need to ensure all of the stock is logged and tracked within the system and regular stock audits are carried out to ensure items are not being stolen, etc.

Furthermore, you will have to ensure that all equipment within the salon is clean and in working order.

Equipment will range from hairdryers to salon chairs.

If not, you must arrange repairs and service of that equipment.

Salon Financial Management


A critical part of the salon managers job.

Not managing the finances within your salon can have a bad effect on the salon you are managing and even closure.

Salaries, invoices, petty cash, close of day reporting are all part of the daily duties for a salon manager.

Depending on the set up of your salon, you may also have to deal with payments to contractors (if your salon employs freelancers), report tips and ensure rental monies is collected if you are renting chairs in your salon.

You will be expected to log much of this in an accounting software or salon management system if your salon uses such a technology.

Salon Safety & Hygiene

  salon manager job description safety

Health & safety within a salon is often overlooked within the salon manager duties and responsibilities but due to the number of hazards within a salon it is a key part of the salon managers responsibilities.

Ensuring the safety of your salon's clients is vital, making sure staff are trained on the correct application of hair color (i.e. carrying out a skin patch test first) or that the water is not too hot when a clients' hair is washed are easy processes for a salon manager to make sure they are followed.

There are many many more areas of health and safety relating to clients in your salon that you are responsible for any part of your tasks is to be fully aware of these and are checked regularly as part of your duties.

Caring for the wellbeing and safety of your staff is also an important task for the salon manager.

Ensuring the health of safety of your staff also shows them that you care.

A report by the British Health and Safety Executive reports that at least 70% of hair stylists will have some form of skin condition during their career.

So make sure your staff is wearing the right protective clothing when carrying out tasks, this could be latex gloves for shampooing or coloring hair, as an example.

Liaise with Salon Owner or Head Office


As a salon manager you will generally have to report to the salon owner, head office, or area salon manager if you are part of a chain of salons.

Ensuring that your keep your upper management up to date is highly important.

You will be expected to report on revenues, profitability, appointments, retail sales, and what promotions or marketing activity you have planned.

It is also the duty of the salon manager to report any risk to senior management, either financial or safety, and ensure they are fully aware of the situation and what you are doing to resolve it.

If you inform your senior management of any risks, they are then able to assist you and help you overcome them.

Having a great open relationship with those above you makes it easier for you to be a great salon manager.

Salon Manager Salary

  salon manager job description salary

Trying to write about a salon manager salary is like trying to write about how long a piece of string is.

There are a number of different things to consider regarding the salary level for a salon manager.

These include: location, salon revenues, number of staff, responsibilities....

the list is endless

We have put some salon manager salary ranges together for you to review:

  • UK Salon Manager - £13k - £25k
  • Australia Salon Manager - $40k - $60k (AUD)
  • USA Salon Manager - $21k - $46k (USD)

Required Skills For A Salon Manager


A salon manager has to have all skills required for any small business manager and some additional which are more suited to the hair and beauty industry.

First of all, a salon manager must have excellent organizational and leadership skills.

They have to be focused on delivering according to set objectives and client satisfaction. Furthermore, a salon manager should understand that they are a role model for employees and their behavior indicates what is expected of all employees within the salon.

Besides all the skills needed to perform a day to day activities, a salon manager should have the ability to deal with problems, client complaints, or staff disagreements in a calm and diplomatic manner.

A good salon manager should also assist staff if they need help or are having difficulty which affects their work, even if it is outside of their work environment.

For example:

if somebody has a problem at home and asks for a free day, is there is a way to replace them within your salon? then a manager should meet an employee's request.

After all, a salon manager may also perform their staff members duties for one day.

Characteristics Of A Salon Manager


Good salon managers should be energetic, positive, smiling people with a cheerful spirit.

They should create a good relationship based on trust with employees and then everything we talked about above, will be simple to carry out on a daily basis and you will be able to delegate more work to engaged staff members.

Management training specialist Karrin Lawrence, founder of Pure Clarity says:

“The most important characteristic a manager should have is the ability, to be honest, and show emotional consistency in everything they do. Clear, open communication alongside a level temperament means people know exactly what to expect from you. Having people walking on eggshells until they know what kind of mood you are in that day, does not build team trust, or open up clear communication".

So ensuring that you provide a consistent management approach in your salon will pay off.

Salon Manager Duties - Highlights

  • Oversees all operations in the salon in order to ensure that it operates successfully
  • Ensures that the clients are serviced effectively
  • Deals with general inquiries from staff and clients of the salons
  • Supervise workers and encourages teamwork
  • Provides guidance and support to staff and students
  • Prepares materials and equipment for students and salon sessions
  • Controls the salon recruitment needs and organises staff training
  • Controls stock levels including inventories, and orders stock
  • Prepares purchase orders, receives deliveries and issues stocks
  • Provides security of stock and equipment and ensures that amount of money is accurate
  • Identifies areas of improvement within the salon and provides possible solutions
  • Assures that realistic and commercial targets are set and achieved
  • Manages the marketing and competition budgets and generates adverts if required
  • Arranges promotional activities to increase the number of customers using the salon
  • Ensures achieve income targets set for the salon
  • Promotes products, services, and programs
  • Ensures that all equipment is clean and in working order
  • Arranges repairs and servicing of the equipment as required
  • Monitors the hygiene and cleanliness of the salon
  • Monitors the application of the safety standards of the salon and legal regulations

Other Roles Within a Hair Salon


  • Salon Owner
  • Assistant Salon Manager
  • Creative Director
  • Colorist
  • Salon Apprentice

  • Salon Assistant
  • Senior Hair Stylist
  • Hair Salon Receptionist
  • Salon Co-ordinator
  • Assistant Hair Stylist

Is Salon Management A Good Career?

  salon manager job description career

Being a salon manager can be a rewarding and motivating job.

With people employed in hair salons expected to grown by 10% in the US by 2021, this shows you that there are great opportunities for you to grow your career and that there will always be salon managers job vacancies for you.

It is essential that as a salon manager you continue to develop your knowledge, be it creative or business knowledge, and remain ahead of your peers.

Good salon manager resumes can be hard to find and those with excellent business skills, such as financial management, marketing, and customer experience are becoming more and more in need as the sector develops.


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Salon Manager Job Description Template - Free Download


We have put together a ready-to-use template for you, listing out all the key duties, responsibilities, and skills of a good salon manager.

You can use it to further develop your salon career or if you are a salon owner, use it in your recruitment process. Simply fill out the below form and get your free template.



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