Salon Marketing Ideas: 101 Ways You Can Grow Your Salon [Infographic]

salon marketing ideas

Find it tough in your busy day to come up with salon marketing ideas?

Our 101 salon marketing ideas are driven by what is called ‘hyper-local marketing’ and it ensures that your business has great local visibility to drive new business.

Infographic: 101 Salon Marketing Ideas

salon marketing ideas 101

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One of the most important things is that salons need to be part of their community and contribute to it

All of these are either free ideas or low-cost solutions to drive footfall, referral or loyalty. Remember to make these together with promotional ideas for your salon

If you have other salon marketing ideas you want to share, tell us all about them!

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So here it goes, get a coffee and enjoy the reading our 101 Salon Marketing Ideas….

  1. Google My Business

If you only do ONE of these 101 salon marketing ideas today;

take control of your salons listing on Google My Business.

Make sure…

To add the same address, zip code / postcode and telephone number to your profile as what is on your website.

Add great quality photos of your salon.

We suggest excellent quality exterior and interior shots with no people. Pictures sell!

There are 1 million searches per month in the USA for hair salons, make sure you are not missing out on this undisputed leader in new customer generation!

(apart from referrals)

salon marketing advice google

Check how your business shows up on Google…

Go to Google and type what customers would do to find a hair salon in your area…

Are you there?

If you don’t see yourself on the search results in the area of the lower red box,

then you need to fix it!

salon marketing advice search

  1. Create a Facebook Page

It is still a shock to us that some salons, barbers and spas do not have a Facebook page.

If you are an individual salon make sure you set up at Facebook ‘Local Business’ page.

If you are a chain we suggest open individual ‘Local Business’ pages and one ‘Brand’ page.

When posting always tag your salon and tag people if people are in the photos.

Quick ‘How to Create a Facebook Page:

a. Go to your personal profile on Facebook

b. Click on ‘Create Page’ on the left-hand-side of your Facebook feed

salon marketing advice facebook 1

c. Choose ‘Local Business or Place’ when choosing what type of profile.

DO NOT choose any other profile types.

There is only one time you would choose ‘Brand or Product’ and that is if you have several salons and you want a brand page,

even then all your salons HAVE to have their local business page.

salon marketing facebook 2

  1. Create an Instagram Profile

Goes without saying create an Instagram profile. There are 77.6 million users in the US alone, which is over 25% of the population.

Don’t forget to use hashtags correctly.

Don’t spam hashtags by having too many, some of our top tags suggestions are


#your salon district / city


#haircolour ie #blond, #redhead etc


Remember you want local Instagram fans…

It is not worth having likes and followers from halfway round the world

Top Tips for finding local followers

Find photos that have been posted from your salon by using a free cool free tool

Or find photos posted in your area by using

  1. Create a Pinterest Profile

Pinterest is huge for females and there is no reason why you shouldn’t have a profile

It is becoming the social media platform for marketers as part of the social media strategy when targeting women.

When creating your Business Pinterest profile make sure, you tag your location when adding photos and add a link from your profile to your homepage, hashtags for your chosen image and a good description of what the image is about.

Don’t forget to like and pin other peoples pics.

Social Media is about being social and interacting with other users.

  1. Create Great Social Media Content

Being a business salon owner or manager doesn’t free up much time for designing great content but there are a couple of fantastic solutions to help you with ideas & inspiration. is a simple to use design tool with many pre-defined layouts for all social media.

Not a designer?

Becoming a design genius with Canva  is easy and you could have your first Facebook post out in minutes.

marketing advice canva

You can also use…, his easy to use marketing tool, gives you inspiration by finding you the top posts on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram and makes it easy to generate create content ideas.

social media advice

Postplanner can be a really important tool in another way …

one which their owners probably don’t realise;

It’s a great trend watching tool in terms of hair trends.

It tracks those posts with the most likes and shares on Instagram and Facebook, it gives you insight into what hair trends and styles people are liking at the moment.

  1. Post on Social Media at the Right Time

salon social media bufferWhen you post makes a big difference to how people respond to your content

Research shows people are more responsive to most social media platforms in the early evening for Facebook, Twitter & Instagram but if you are posting to Google Plus then 10am in the morning is the best time

We suggest a great scheduling tool called Buffer which has over 3 million users and has global data on when is the right time to post to get maximum impact.

  1. Hair Before and After Photos

Got loyal customers?

I am sure you have lots of them!

Ask them to do a ‘before and after’ photo and post it on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.Don’t forget to tag your salon (you can do this on Facebook,

Don’t forget to tag your salon (you can do this on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest) and the person who is in the photo, so it appears on their timeline.

Use Canva to create the before and after posts

  1. Create How to Video Explainer Videos

This year is the year of the video.

Try short how-to videos on YouTube, Facebook (or even shorter ones on Instagram or Snapchat) to show readers how to do a certain hair-do for instance.

Your smartphone should take good quality shots but keep it below 1 minute… anything above that people can get bored.

If you want to make short videos on your smartphone, try Adobe Premiere Clip a simple to use smartphone app for easy video production

  1. How to Picture Series

Like the ‘how to video’ example, make a series of photos on how to do something. You can add a number of images through a carousel post to your Facebook page

There is a great tool  where you can be next Stephen Speilberg called Showbox, which makes it easy to produce short videos from your photos as well.

  1. Google Adwords for Your Salon

Google Adwords can be quite costly if you get it wrong.

We recommend you only buy Google Adwords on mobile (make sure you website looks good on a mobile phone) and this also allows you to choose to show your advert to people 5 miles away from your hair or beauty salon for instance.

More people search now on smartphones than on desktops

Top tip for mobile…

Set up ads for the keyword ‘hair salons near me’ and only display to people searching 5 miles from your salon through what is called ‘Radius Targeting’ on Google Adwords

You can use the same technique for the broader search ‘hair salons’, which usually bidding on is not a good term, as it is too generic.

Here is a great article by PPC management tool Wordstream called Geotargeting and Local PPC on the subject.

  1. Improve Your Salon’s Website

Usability and search engine optimisation of a website if key if you want to drive new customers to your salon.

There are some important questions you need to have on your website checklist..

Does your website have this on the front page

  1. Telephone number
  2. Address
  3. Opening times
  4. Price list
  5. Quality photos of your salon, barbers or spa
  6. Online booking button if you accept online bookings

More importantly…

Is your website mobile friendly?

If not Google will push you further down the search results in favour of mobile friendly websites

Check your website to see if Google likes it for speed and if it is mobile friendly.

Don’t waste all of your salon marketing ideas or promotion budget whether online or offline if your website is rubbish.

You might as well hand money out to random people in the street!

  1. Add your Keyword to Website Titles

Too many people don’t have the right secret sauce on their homepage for Google to find their website.

Having just your logo on you homepage doesn’t work and you could be spending your time on other salon marketing ideas then this essential one. You should have the following

You should have the following

Page Title: hair salon + district / city – Salon name (example Hair Salon Brooklyn – Headcutters Salon)

H1 Title: hair salon + district / city (example Hair Salon Brooklyn)

H2 Title: Should be somewhere lower down you page and should be something like ‘hairdressing

Use SEO Review Tools to check your website and see whether your website is set up properly.

  1. Liaise With Other Local Businesses

Go and talk to other local businesses, especially bars, coffee shops and restaurants.

It is a great opportunity to give discounts to the waiting, bar staff and baristas, they are a great advert for your salon and often very good influencers in the locality.

  1. Have a Music Night

This may seem a strange idea…

but it works well to hold a music event in your salon.

Get a local band to play, you invite customers, they bring their friends and hey you have an event, with loads of social media sharing.

Remember to get a band which is aligned to your hair or beauty salons’ clientele.

Don’t forget to do a press release for the event or even better invite the press along to the event.

  1. Have a Local Restaurant do a Cookery Demonstration

Again this might seem a little strange

but why not invite a local restaurant to come and do a cooking demonstration in your salon, invite customers, friends

Simple idea but can be effective

  1. SMS to Old Customers
Getting footfall in the first place is difficult, so make sure you market to old customers effectively.

Why not send an SMS to those customers who not come to your salon for 90 days with an offer.

Have a read of blog post about the  benefits of SMS marketing

  1. Send a Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customer feedback is key to business success…..

it allows you to improve.

Why not send a survey to those customers who have had an appointment asking for their feedback.

Tools like SurveyMonkey make it really easy to send customer satisfaction surveys.

If you have a bad piece of feedback, follow it up with a phone call and recover the customer!

This is a simple one and saves you trying to think of salon marketing ideas, when it could be your service of product which is not creating client loyalty!

  1. Send a Birthday Card to Customers

If you are capturing your customer data correctly, you should have asked your customer for their birthday.

Give them a nice surprise on their birthday, may be you could ask your suppliers for some free testers products for you to give customers whose birthday it is.

Hallmark one of the worlds leading producers of birthday cards has an eBirthday card service

  1. Create a Loyalty Programme

Your main objective as a salon owner or manager is to win, convert and retain customers.

We know most customers are highly loyal to their hairstylist, so some salons don’t need a loyalty programme.

Look at a loyalty scheme in another way

Don’t discount core product…ie the hair cut

But offer points which can be redeemed against retail products.

  1. Train Staff for Better Customer Service

Your teams are the most essential part of your salon, if they are not delivering a WOW! customer experience to their clients, then you are throwing your marketing money away and save you time thinking of new salon marketing ideas.

Train your teams for

  • Empathy
  • Customer Experience
  • Etiquette

There are loads of fantastic videos on YouTube but below is a good example of a great customer service video from Hairdressing Training in the UK.

  1. Give a Free Glass of Sparkling Wine or Cocktail

Adding to the WOW experience mentioned from before, why not offer your customers a glass of sparkling wine or a non-alcoholic cocktail?

Make them feel pampered…

They will love you

Read the comments for Taylor Taylor in London, where customers mention their cocktail in these Google Reviews:

salon marketing advice

Why not have a look at these easy non-alcoholic cocktail recipes on BuzzFeed.

  1. Ensure your Salon Staff are Marketeers

Make sure your teams are posting photos of their haircuts on their Facebook and Instagram profiles….but remind them to tag the salon and the people (always ask permission) when posting. If they tag the people, they photos will show up on the customers’ friends feed.

but remind them to tag the salon and the people (always ask permission) when posting.If they tag the people, they photos will show up on the customers’ friends feed.

If they tag the people, they photos will show up on the customers’ friends feed.

  1. Have a Charity Event

There are many charity events you could do to drive awareness and raise the PR profile of your salon.

One simple idea is to invite your customers, as well as  their friends, to bring a toy during the run up to the holiday or Christmas period and then donate them to under-privileged children that is if you have enough room.

that is if you have enough room.

Another great idea, which is very much aligned to clients of all types of hair or beauty salons, is to gather a group to take part in a charity walk for Breast Cancer and these walks take place all over the world.

  1. Have a Children’s Party for Customers’ Children

Why not clear out the salon and hold a party for your customers’ children.

Bring in magicians, clowns, balloon artists etc to create a family buzz in your salon and allow your customers to bring other customers.

  1. Buy Two Get Second Half Price on Products

Retail is always an essential part of any salon.

If you are having problems selling products, then you could do an offer such as buy two get their half price.

When selling this, you could also promote it is as a bundle, shampoo, conditioner and a styling product, instead of focusing on buying one product, this could reduce your stock count on slow selling retail items.

Remember when thinking about salon specials ideas that you don’t discount your product and always add value.

  1. Gift Cards / eVoucher

This is great for a birthday or Christmas gifts.

Again we don’t suggest discounting for these type of gifts and always have an expiry date of 6 months from the issue date. You will be surprised how many people won’t use their voucher.

If you are doing eVouchers, you can email the person who received the gift to tell them to redeem their present.

Another big advantage

People with gift card / eVoucher will spend between 50% & 100% more than their original voucher was worth

Get some excellent statistics for Gift Cards in a blog post by GiftCard Granny.

  1. Create your Own Brand Products

If you are running a bigger salon or have multiple locations; producing your own product range could be a viable option for you and allows you to improve margins and improve your brand awareness.

Your salon must have a good reputation and loyal customer base to support an own brand product range.

One of the most successful salons which have grown from its own brand salon products to a global retail brand is Bumble & bumble.

All own brand suppliers should help you with beautiful looking packaging design and looking around in your local drug store etc for design ideas you like. Remember that packaging is one of the most important aspects of retail sales, rubbish packaging = rubbish sales!

We suggest to look at your high volumes sales products and go for own labels of these, we suggest  not take a ‘package’, which are offered by some suppliers,as you could end up with stock sitting around and this can be costly.

Companies like Genesis Private Label in the US or HighEnergy in the UK are good places to start

  1. Add or Claim your Business on Yelp

yelp add business

Goes without saying, you have to have your business on Yelp and manage those reviews properly.

Don’t try and cheat Yelp by putting fake reviews, they have many years of experience in catching people and they do…all the time

  1. Add the Open Directory Project

An unknown gem in the world of the Internet. Open Directory Project or often called is a place where you need to ensure you add a link to your salon.

You will need to make sure you have the following to be included in this curated directory:

  • Full working website
  • Terms & Conditions & Privacy Policy Page
  • Correct category within the directory

If you don’t have either of the required legal pages on your website you could try When using one of these services make sure you have a lawyer check them first.

  1. Add or Claim your Business on Bing Places

Bing Places is growing again and not the shrinking search engine that it used to be. It is free to add your business, so make sure you take advantage of Bing Places today.

salon marketing ideas - Bing Ads

  1. Add your Website to Local Internet Directories

Search on Google for local directories in your area by searching ‘area + directories’.

MOZ, a leading supplier of local SEO software has produced a great list of local websites in the US where you can add your website by MOZ Local listing where you can add your site in the US.

We always suggest before adding your link to your website, you check the link on to see if it has low-quality scores.

You should have your own website listed on pages with a DA (domain authority) of more then 20, if lower then this…keep away.

One other tip…..

Don’t add the listings all at once, add one a week or a month. Don’t do too many at once as Google doesn’t like it and could effect your sesrch enging results.

  1. Add to Wedding Directories.

Wedding hairdressing is a lucrative business and very fulfilling also. Add your salon to one of the top wedding directory sites. Mywedding. You can also Google ‘area + wedding + directory’ to find places to add links in your local area.

  1. SMS Appointment Reminders

Stop losing business through no-shows. Invest in appointment reminder SMS to ensure that customer are reminded of their appointment.

This is essential if customers are on automated recurring appointments.

Your salon could benefit from upto a 30% reduction in no-shows, according to this by WebPT, through the use ofe SMS reminders

  1. Customer Referral Programme

Often called a ‘refer-a-friend’, these programmes can work well for those with a small marketing budget, but make sure you don’t lose money on them as it can be quite easy sometimes to get lost in everything by not working out how much profit you will make from a customer over the lifetime of them being a client (called Lifetime Value or LTV for short).

Why not give you customers referral cards to allow them to introduce their friends to your salon, barbers or spa.

The more they introduce people the more discount they can get on products…remember don’t discount your core product. have great feedback on the key elements to a successful customer referral programme.

  1. Door Drop Leaflets

Door to door leaflets can still be a strong marketing promotion tool if you are opening a new salon. They are however quite costly and I do not suggest them as a salon promotions method but it could work for you.

  1. Pre-Roll Ad Videos on YouTube

You know those (annoying) ads you see before watching your favourite vloggers on YouTube? Well you could have your video advert here and it isnt just for big companies. You know to show one of these ads for as little as 1 cent, yes 1 cent!

Choose your keywords and ensuring your location targeting is turned on. Ideas could for keyword targeting would be such terms as; hairstyles, cooking etc

A great blog post by Brian Carter explains in more details what YouTube Pre-Roll Ads are and their benefits.

  1. Get Quality Photos of your Salon

As mentioned before photos sell! I truly believe this is one of the salon marketing ideas you can’t ignore.

If you want to sell your salon on your website, Instagram or Facebook, then having the best photographs of your salon is essential.

We suggest that on your website, you have photos of your salon without people; this stops the photos becoming aged and then have a selection of your salons work….dont add smartphone photos to your website, it cheapens your salon.

Steal an idea from AirBNB!

I am a total fan of how AirBNB require their own photographers to take pictures, you can get some great photography tips from on how to produce great looking photographs.

  1. Give your Salon Interior Design a Freshen Up

Getting inspirational hair salon ideas are vital to keep your salon fresh and inspiration to both customers and colleagues.

If you have banana yellow or traffic light green, then it is time to tone things down. Invest in some nice white paint and make your salon neutral , along with some accent colours

Look on Pinterest for salon decorating ideas to help and inspire you.

Every time you go into a store, restaurant, hotel etc always look around and take on design ideas to put into your location.

Keeping your salon beautiful or whatever style you are aiming for is an essential element to the customer experience, so make sure you get it right and it doesn’t have to cost a lot.

  1. Partner with Hotels which host a lot of Wedding Parties
Speak to local hotels who you know run a lot of wedding events. Become their salon of choice if they have have a bride who is wishing to have her hair done at the hotel.

  1. Update your Logo

salon marketing ideas - logo designWhen was your logo designed?

Back in 1985?

May be it is time for a refresh?

There are many different places where you can go and get a new logo for your salon and one of those is 99 Designs, where you submitted a brief and then you have get designers to your request.

You can see an example of the Cutting Room running a logo competition on

  1. Staff Image

Remember customers look up to their stylist and they respect them for their image.

If you have hairstylists who have bad hair etc then this will not give reseasruance to your customers that you can give them a great haircut.

  1. Add Online Booking

This is one of the biggest impacts you can make on customer experience and a big salon idea that many salons miss.

Online salon software is becoming more and more common for hair salons and customers are beginning to expect it to see online booking on hair salons websites.

Don’t miss potential bookings…

If you have a receptionist they should be focusing on customer experience not answering telephone calls and ignoring people waiting.

According to Phorest a provider of software for the spa and salon industry, those that offer online booking have on average 29% higher turnover.

  1. Add Recurring Booking

Ensure your loyal salon customers are staying loyal to your salon.

If they have their hair cut every three, then make sure your hair salon appointment booking software can do the hard work or if you are doing it the old fashioned way get the receptionist to put it in the appointment book.

Keep those customers retain!

  1. Send email Newsletter

Although there is a decline in email open rates, it is still one of the most powerful salon promotional tools.


If you are sending email make sure there is value for the reader to open it. Here are some ideas for your next email.

  • Tips
  • Offers
  • New stylist in your salon
  • Latest posts on Pinterest
  • Salon events

Look at Newsletter Templates for Health and Beauty from GetResponse one of the world leaders in email marketing for some advice.

  1. Send Discount Offers to Old Customers

It cost you money to acquire customer in the first place (other then referrals), so make sure you try and make sure you turn them into long term profitable and loyal customers.

Send tailored offers to those customers who haven’t not been to your salon for 90 days minimum.

Don’t just send a generic message to old customers, it simply won’t work!

It is essential that instead of coming up with new salon marketing ideas, that you try to ensure you can get the maximum revenue return from previous customers/

  1. Email Generation Competition
Run a promotion in your salon to promote the capture more email addresses.

You can either incentivize your team or customers who leaves their details, either way make sure the campaign is profitable and you don’t over spend to acquire email addresses.

  1. Add to Good Quality Salon Directories

Salon advertising is moving more and more online. Linkbuilding, ie when other websites link to your website, is still one of the most important aspects of good search engine optimization.

Make sure you get listed on good quality salon directories like some of these, it might cost a small amount of money but it can be beneficial.

To find good directories, go to Google and type ‘hair salon directory’ and see the top five results and add your salon to them.

Remember, add your business to one or two directories a month , no more as you could be penalized by Google.

  1. Get Marketing Budget from your Suppliers

It isn’t a one-way street, make sure you get some marketing budget from some of your suppliers to run promotions etc.

Many suppliers will be able to support you and give you more salon marketing ideas, which are tried and tested by other salons and spas.

  1. Get Giveaways from Suppliers
Get sample size products etc or free products to run competitions for your customers.

This not only drives loyalty but will also help increase retail revenues.

Many suppliers will have a salon marketing ideas guide to help customers sell more of their products.

  1. Do Healthy Eating Event with Diabetes Check

Dieting and weight control are the most searched items on Google by women.

Why not get a local dietitian to come and do a presentation evening in your salon and throw in some healthy snacks. It is a good loyalty, PR and referral project.

  1. Refresh your Salon Window

When salon owners think about freshening their salon, they often only look for salon interior decoration ideas but your locations window is what people see when they walk by day after day and your biggest promotion tool to the outside world…..

Get rid of the clutter, the discount signs etc and keep it fresh and simply like an interior should be.

Don’t forget to talk to product suppliers as many of them will provide free merchandising tools for your salon windows,


they might also fund some work if they are going to get some marketing out of it.

But whatever you…

Remember to change regularly to keep it fresh

This a great design by Matt Cable in the UK for Biass & Co, you will also notice some guide pricing on the exterior of the location, this ensures that people know if it within their price range when walking by.

salon marketing ideas - store front

  1. Have a Make-Over Event

Team up with nail spa’s, color advisors etc to do a make-over type event in your salon, it would be a win-win for all those concerned.

  1. Work with Local Bloggers

Search online for local bloggers.

Treat bloggers with caution, you need to ensure they are delivering value if you are looking for a long term relationship.

Often bloggers start off well by posting pictures to Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook but can often go quiet,if they stop delivering then no more haircuts…easy.

if they stop delivering then no more haircuts…easy.

  1. Engage with Local Reporters

Although print newspapers are having less and less popularity, due to more and more salon marketing ideas being digital but this means their online versions are still doing well.

Ensure you look after your local reporters

Remembers all those events we talked about earlier….they a very newsworthy

  1. Accept Credit and Debit Cards

Accepting credit and debit cards may seem a strange salon promotion idea but it does add credibility to your business.

Providers like Stripe, Square and SumUp make it easy and flexible for you to accept credit and debit cards.

  1. Join an Online Marketplace

Salon marketplaces are growing in popularity. In the US, the market leader Styleseat has over 350,000 salons hairstylists and beauticians on its platform and can be a good lead generation tool.

A top tip for those using marketplaces…..

make sure they are not bidding (ie buying Google keyword) on your salon name on Google. We see many marketplaces bidding on those salons which are listed on their platforms.

Why pay 15% commission to a marketplace for a customer who was coming to your website anyway!?

You can join StyleSeat  in the US or Treatwell in Europe, who have sites around Europe including UK, Germany & Netherlands.

  1. Run a Facebook Competition

Facebook can be a highly effective tool as part of your salon promotional strategy.

Choosing the customer with the best response to a caption competition for instance.

Post ideas could be…

Who is your favorite hairstylist at ‘salon name’……..

Why do you love ‘salon name’…… has a great tool for suggesting viral status caption competitions.

You can also try – who have a great blog post on social media marketing ideas for salons 

  1. Run Facebook Ads

There are many salon marketing ideas for Facebook but Facebook ads can be highly effective if you target them properly and with the right creative.

One little-known marketing tool open to everyone is the use of Facebook Custom Audiences,

This allows you to upload your customer database to target your customers directly on your customer wall, if Facebook has matching email address or telephone number

Don’t worry Facebook are not going to steal your data.

But there is more…..

Facebook also have something called Look A Like Audiences, but you need to create a Custom Audience first then Facebook will look at your data and suggest people with similar profiles to your customers with whom you can market to.

Both Custom Audiences Look A Like are one of the biggest salon marketing tips I can give you.

A great tool for you to use if you are spending lot on Facebook advertising is Adespresso.

Check out Adespresso’s Facebook Ads Gallery to get inspiration on your next Facebook ad campaign

  1. Create a Flikr Account

Images are vital on the Internet, as you well know.

Make sure you when uploading your photos to Flikr that you add your salon and website URL for your salon to the comments section.

It is a great place to get a quality link to your salon’s website.

  1. Hand-out Flyers

This is still a good idea in todays digital world and can be quite effective.

Although hard work for the person doing it…

Make sure you do it outside main commuter foot traffic areas near your hair salon.

When doing leafleting, make sure you have a compelling offer to drive people to use you for the first time. A top tip is to create a leaflet / flyer looking like a bank note or add a bank note to show a discount.

  1. Add your Telephone Number to your Website Homepage

It is amazing how many salon websites we find where the telephone number is not on the homepage.

Don’t make people hunt for your telephone number

Make it easy to find….add it to top left of your website and make it clickable, so people on a smartphone can click on the number to call it.


Adding your telephone number (make sure it is clickable) can assist in improving your search engine positioning also as it helps Google identify where you are.

Don’t waste all your salon marketing ideas by having a poor website.

salon marketing ideas - website

  1. Barter

No, we are not in ‘ye olden’ days but there are still many businesses willing to barter

This still can work well and get you some good exposure for free. Printing, advertising and many more different types of business could a barter opportunity.

Speak to partners about giving them a free haircut for whatever they have to offer.

  1. Read Online Trade Magazines

Keep up to date on salon trends and market advice from other salon owners or managers. Trade websites like Salon Today (US), Salon Magazine (CA), The Salon Magazine (UK) & Style Icons (AU)  can give you great insight and promotion ideas to improve retention, product and sales.

  1. Join Trade Association

Adding a trade association member can add credibilty to your hair or beauty salon. They are also a great resource of training and promotional ideas to improve your business.

Here is a quick guide to some associations:

Professional Beauty Association – USA

National Hairdressers Federation – UK

Hair & Beauty Association – Australia

Irish Hairdresser Federation – Ireland

NZ Association of Registered Hairdressers – New Zealand

Beauty Council of Western Canada – Canada

  1. Keep up to Date with Latest in Social Media Marketing.

Our favourite blog to read is Social Media Examiner which gives great actionable advice on how to increase your social media visibilty.

You will be guaranteed to get some great salon marketing ideas from this blog.

  1. Be a Fun Place to Work

It might not be a salon marketing idea but if your staff are motivated then this will shine through.

Motivated staff = great customer retention through delivering a WOW! customer experience and ensuring that your stylists don’t leave for another hair salon. have a put together top tips on staff motivation in your business

  1. Create a Wedding Resources Page on Your Website

Have a page on your website with wedding partners, wedding ring suppliers, wedding reception venues, bridal dress makers, and make-up artists, it will not only help  for search engine optimisation but will create a good bond between you and others involved in the wedding industry in your area.Try to go for a

When building this page, don’t just build a page with lots of links on it, make sure you get a description from each partner of at least 300 words and aim for a minimum of 1000 words for this page.

Make sure you share the URL is called something like

don’t forget to ask the partners that you have mentioned on the page…..


  1. Have Clean Toilets!

This may seem strange to you but if customers visit a lavatory where it is either dirty or being used as a stock room, it does not give a good customer experience for your customers.

Remember customer experience is about everything in your salon not just how they are treated by the stylist.

  1. Provide Wi-Fi

If you have wifi in your salon ensure it is available for your clients.

It might be a conversation killer if customers are on their smartphone during an appointment…

but at least have it on offer for them.

You can see here that Christian Wiles promotes Wi-Fi on their salons website.

  1. Give a Head Massage, Don’t Just Wash Hair

Add value and give a great experience

Giving customers a head massage as part of their hair being washed costs nothing but time. It gives a great customer experience and makes sure customers feel pampered.

Learn how to do a Japanese head massage from this great video on YouTube.

  1. Create a Luxury Feel to Your Salon

Ensure that coming to your salon is an event or an experience (an amazing one) and not just a function.

I always use the saying ‘it is about the experience and not just the service’.

Flours, clean towels, non chipped coffee cups

  1. Valentines Day

Need I say more.

You could do a couples’ make-over competition or an appointment reminder email about looking great for valentines dinner.

Or run a singles night in your salon for your clients,

be bold and try something different!

Take a look at and their tips on what type of promotions you can do in your business relating to Valentines Day.

  1. Black Friday

This could be something you can do to push retail products.

Don’t forget to ensure that this doesn’t ruin your business and any promotional materials contain, terms like ‘subject to availability’ or ‘right to remove offer without notice’ etc, which allows your to sell out or stop selling the offer.

  1. Get Visibility of Your Salons Search Engine Position on Google
Do you know what position your salon or spa is on in Google search results?

If not, you should do, this is one of the biggest channels for new business!

Why not track your position on keywords with Positionly, an easy to use tool where you can track keywords such as hair salon + city / district etc .

If you are an individual salon or spa owner and want to track your search engine positions, Positionly has a free membership plan for you to try out this leading Google tracking tool.

  1. Create Marketing Calendar

Focus, focus and more focus!

Take some time out to develop a social media and marketing calendar, so you can put all of your salon marketing ideas in on please.

It does take effort and time to initially do it but this can be a great business driver if done correctly.

  1. Use Social Media Monitoring Tools Like HootSuite
To manage all of your social media profiles can be quite difficult but tools like Hootsuite can help you manage your social media strategy for your salon.

Hootsuite have a free plan for smaller businesses.

  1. Survey Old Customers

Why  use a survey tool like Survey Monkey to send an email to old customers asking why they didn’t come back to you?

It is always good to add a Net Promoter question in there to see how willing they would be to recommend you.

Find out more about Net Promotor Score (NPS) and how good it is for businesses large and small

  1. Monitor Customer Loyalty

Salon software is becoming more common place in salons of all sizes.

It is essential to measure your retention and most salon management software allows you to monitor customer loyalty, including top spenders and lifetime value etc, remember a paper appointment won’t track your customer history.

remember a paper appointment won’t track your customer history.

  1. Improve Retail Merchandising

When you go to any type of store, you are always drawn to nice looking merchandising,

Make sure you do it in your own salon or spa.

A tip which I picked up from someone is to leave a range of products on the table in your reception area…

this sublimely makes customers aware of your stocked retail products, whilst they are waiting.

  1. Make The Customer Book Before They Leave

Although not a true salon marketing idea, but it is a huge and free retention tool for you use!

When a customer is paying, get them to make their next appointment with you.

Don’t let them leave without suggesting the next appointment, the stylist can also ben involved by suggesting the next appointment when they are wrapping up with the customer and when they recommend to come back…

its all about the power of the mind

Make sure you check their telephone number and email address for those important appointment reminders!

  1. Partner with Local Gyms

Many gyms want special events at the end of the month to drive their own leads and new business,

gyms love having events to retain customers to (well all businesses do)

Why not set up a blow dry bar one Sunday to give women a free blow dry to drive salon awareness or take part in their monthly end of month event.

  1. Add Yelp & Google Reviews to You Website

salon marketing ideas - reviews

Use the review widgets to put your Yelp or Google Review rating to your website, it creates reassurance and drives people to book.

You earned these reviews, so make sure you use them to benefit your business.

  1. Ask Customers to Leave Reviews

Don’t forget to ask loyal customers to leave a review for you. You could send an email to loyal customers suggesting that they can leave a review.

Don’t get customers to do them all at once or else you may be penalised by Yelp or Google.

If you run a spa, you can add your spa to TripAdvior

  1. Keep Merchandising Fresh

Product suppliers have regular merchandising material refreshes, use them and keep your salon fresh.

Don’t let those retail displays go stale.

And remember salon marketing ideas are not just about winning new clients, it is also about getting more revenue from your existing ones as well.

  1. Have the Latest Trend Product & Services

Missing out on hair contouring or rainbow hair colour….or whatever hair trend is on at the moment?

Make sure you have the options open to your customers, if not someone else will.

Keep up with the latest trends by either reading hair magazines, Instagram or looking at Pinterest.

  1. Snapchat

This is still for a younger audience but keep it in the back of your mind.

Having said that if you have a younger customer base then this app could be for you

Social Media Examiner has a great guide to how businesses can use Snapchat to drive sales and brand recognision

May be try Snapchat Stories to share some of your hair ideas for that day?

  1. Radio Ads

For me this is like throwing drawing pin into a haystack.

It isn’t very targeted….

but if you have a number of salons in one area it could work for you.

But, I would advise you to come up with more effective and cost efficient salon marketing ideas

  1. Local Newspaper Ad

Although I am not fan of this, it still makes into list of salon marketing ideas


If your salon is targeting the older generation then it might work.

May be try to advertise on their website version and not in the paper edition

  1. Local Newspaper Insert

This is quite costly and very untargeted by if launching a new salon or you have a number of salons it could wok for you

  1. Balloon Giveaway

Kids love nothing more than a balloon.

If you are in a mall or business retail area then balloons are a great way to raise awareness of your hair or beauty salon and get your brand in front of parents.

Don’t forget to give the parents a leaflet when you give the kid the balloon!

Its a simple salon marketing idea…

but it works!

  1. Don’t Discount to Existing Customers!

I am not a fan of discounting to existing customers, espeically in the hair and beauty sector, where customers tend to have above aeverage loyalty.

There are some reasons to discount to your exsiting customers:

  1. Upsell of another service
  2. For a refer a friend type programme
  3.  Ex military personel
  4. Influencers, such as bar staff etc

  1. Mothers Day

Mother’s Day is a big deal all around the world and promote to customers the thought of giving their mother a gift card to show their appreciation.

Remember make the marketing emotional and not just a sales message.

  1. Reminder email to Book Next Appointment

If you never managed to get you customer on to a recurring appointment cycle or when they leave the salon, barbers or spa then you should send an email to remind customers to book their next appointment


It is cheaper to retain an existing clients, then to acquire new ones and it also saves you time, coming up with even more salon marketing ideas!

  1. International Women’s Day

Girl power!

Make sure you don’t forget this growing day in the calendar

  1. Add Content to Your Homepage

Content is king for Google!

Don’t just place a lot of photo on your homepage.

We see many sites where people put just images or even worse put text as images which Google cannot read.

We suggest you put at least 400 words on your homepage relating to your services and the city or distrcit you are located.

  1. Fathers Day

Dad’s need haircuts as well

You could run a makeover competition on Facebook for a father to win a new look

  1. Share Hair Ideas

You’re a hairstylist, so doesn’t it seem reasonable to share the latest hairstyles ideas and inspiration on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Snapchat?

It doesn’t have to be styles you created in fact sharing other peoples work shows that like you to be inspired and learn.

Don’t forget that customers only come to your salon every few weeks (unless you run a blow dry bar), so make sure you offer home hair ideas which customers can do at home by themselves.

Two of the best places for hair ideas as you will know are Pinterest and Instagram.

  1. Watch Your Competitors

See what your competitors are up to!

If you have a very busy competitor, find out what promotional activity they are doing,

don’t exactly copy it but use it as the base for your next promotion.

  1. Ask Your Colleagues

Ask your team!

Your team will always have great ideas and a good leader will always listen and take inspiration from their team.

  1. Test, Test & Test!

Don’t put all your hard earned marketing budget into one campaign, run a small test and see if it works.

Digital marketing, such as Facebook, Instagram and Google Adwords make it perfect to test

  1. Measure!

This is the most important of any marketing activity. Track all your salon marketing ideas you put into practice or else you could be throwing good money away. If things work, refine it and make it even better.

What other salon marketing ideas do you have for other hair or beauty salons? Tell us below..

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