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It is time to get your 2017 salon marketing plan ready for the year ahead and win all those new clients?

We know you don't have much time on your hands.

It can be difficult to find time to work on your salon marketing strategies and it is also the last thing on your mind when you are starting a hair salon business but it is essential for a successful salon business

So to make it easier for you....

We have put together a simple and easy to use salon marketing plan with everything you need to manage your marketing and promotion for your hair salon, nail salon or spa.

Many people get confused between a business plan for a salon and a salon marketing plan

They are very different...

A business plan presents the total management overview for every aspect of a hair salon business; which includes profit and loss, sales forecasts etc.

Where as a good salon marketing plan will include more client related activity, including your salons marketing calendar.


What You Will Learn In This Article?

In this article you will learn how to create salon marketing calendar.


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  1. How To Build A Salon Marketing Plan
  2. What Is A SWOT Analysis?
  3. Choose Your Salons Target Market
  4. Set Your Salons Marketing Budget
  5. Set Your Salons Business Goal
  6. Salon Marketing Channels To Include
  7. Put Together Your Salon Marketing Calendar
  8. Post Campaign Analysis
  9. National Day Calendar Events For Your 2017 Marketing Plan

How To Build A Salon Marketing Plan


A good salon marketing plan will have a variety of strategic inputs, these inputs will ensure that you are able to take a full view of your salons business.

These inputs will allow you to fully understand your strengths or weaknesses and enable you to build a salon marketing calendar which will assure your business success.

It is up to you which of the inputs you put into your salon marketing plan but we do recommend that you have at least a SWOT analysis, target market and a marketing calendar...
what would be a salon marketing plan, without an actionable marketing calendar?


Standard Salon Marketing Plan Inputs

  1. Carry out a SWOT Analysis
  2. Describe your target market
  3. Set your marketing budget
  4. Set your business goals or targets
  5. Choose your marketing channels
  6. Develop your marketing calendar
  7. Post campaign analysis

What Is A SWOT Analysis?


A SWOT Analysis stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

It is an easy to use framework which can assist your salon to understand its biggest challenges and find more sources of business.

It is essential that you carry out a hair salon SWOT analysis, to ensure you have a clear understanding and a strategic vision for your business.


How A SWOT Analysis Broken Down

Strength and Weaknesses are for internal factors, ie things that you can influence with your salon or spa. These are resources which you have available to you in your everyday running of your salon business.

Opportunities and Threats are for external factors which you cannot influence

salon SWOT analysis
Image: Salon SWOT Analysis Example

A SWOT Analysis Explained

Watch this video to get a quick understanding of what a SWOT analysis is, how and when to use it, as well as how it will impact your salon marketing plan.

Choose Your Salons Target Market


Every year it is wise to review and define your salons target market,
this means the type of clients you want your salon to attract.

Reviewing your target market will all you to focus your salon marketing plan to deliver the best results and enable you to use more salon marketing ideas that work and in turn increase profitability.

Set Your Salons Marketing Budget


At the beginning of every financial year, you should put have financial plan of a salon.

Within your annual salon business plan, you should have allocated a budget to marketing, if not you need to do this and make sure you stick to it, it easy to get carried away with spending.

Set Your Salons Business Goal


As with any plan business or marketing, you need targets, do you want to increase repeat bookings, increase new clients or sell more retail? Ensure you set your target to all you to know your end goal.


Some Ideas For Salon Goal Setting

  • Existing clients - What will be your target to increase revenue per existing client: 5%, 10% or 15%
  • New clients - Increase new clients by x% compared to same month last year
  • Retain - Ensure retention rate of x% (we suggest between 20% - 35%) first time customers compared to same month last year that return a second time after their first visit
  • Retail Sales - Increase retail by x% compared to last year
  • Within your salon marketing plan you should break it down to acquire, retain and grow.
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Salon Marketing Channels To Include


Remember, earlier we told you to think about your salons target market?

Well know it is time to align your salon marketing plans to your choice of target client.

It is no good for instance using Snapchat, if you salons target market is over 35 year olds, they probably have no idea what Snapchat is!  

  • Facebook - Posts, Custom / Lookalike audiences, Facebook Events, Facebook Live
  • Instagram - Posts, Reposts
  • Website - Homepage merchandising
  • Promotions - Discounts, new product or services
  • Pinterest - Pin, Repin
  • Google Adwords - Set up hyper local campaign
  • Events - such as client appreciation events
  • Email - Create campaigns to win back old clients
  • Snapchat - Stories, Live events
  • Partnerships - Working with other local business to increase client base
  • Retail merchandising - New products, multi-buy promotions
  • Salon Window Display - Awards, promotions, Christmas merchandising

Put Together Your Salon Marketing Calendar

  salon marketing plan benefit

Once you have chosen the right marketing channels to use for your salon, you can now start thinking about good salon promotional ideas to market your salon and bring all those spending clients.

Choose the right events to ensure your campaigns and promotions have a theme....

Is there some special time of year, Christmas, New Year, Easter for example?

Make sure one very important thing for you regular salon marketing ideas..

Don't forget to include payroll dates relevant for your country to ensure you are marketing prior to payday, whether it is bi-weekly or monthly.

Ensure you get in front of your clients eyes when they have the cash in their bank accounts!

Post Campaign Analysis


Ensuring you take a step back every now and then is an important aspect of being a successful salon owner or manager.

Questioning whether the campaign has worked through proper analysis is important to running a profitable.

Did you hit your targets, was it an effective spend of your budget?

National Day Calendar Events For Your 2017 Marketing Plan


Below you will see we have added a large number of world national day events to give some inspiration for your 2017 salon marketing calendar.

We realize that some may not be for every salon, so pick and choose the ones aligned with your salons clientele.

Scroll down the page to see more detailed explanation of the events to use within your salon marketing plan.

  2017 calendar

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Plan all of your marketing and promotions in 2017.


January National Days Event Opportunities

salon marketing plan january  
Date Event Overview
January 1st New Years Day The first day of the year according to the Gregorian And Julian Calendars
January 1st Diet Resolution Week The first week of the new year in which one focuses and alters the types of food they consume
January 1st New Years Resolution Week The first week of the new year in which a person makes a new promise or commitment and tries to keep to it
January 1st National Hangover Day A day spent celebrating the new year while battling symptoms of too much alcohol consumption from new year's eve
January 16th Martin Luther King Day An American federal holiday to celebrate the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr
January 16th Blue Monday Reported to be the most depressing day of the year
January 22th National Hugging Day A day dedicated to hugging celebrated annually
January 22th Cervical Cancer Prenvention Week A week dedicated to creating awareness about cervical cancer screening, prevention and issues surrounding cervical cancer
January 23th Clean Out Your Inbox Week A week dedicated to going through, replying and cleaning out one's email inboxes
January 26th Australia Day The official national day of Australia celebrated annually
January 28th Chinese New Year The first day of the year according to the Chinese lunar calendar and 2017 is the year of the Rooster

February National Days Event Opportunities

salon marketing plan february  
Date Event Overview
February 1st Black History Month A month of events to look back at black history throughout the world
February 2st Groundhog Day A day observed to celebrate the emergence of the groundhog from it's hole after hibernation and also for same thing happening again
February 4th World Cancer Day An international day to raise awareness of cancer including it's prevention, detection and care
February 5th Super Bowl Sunday A day in which the annual championship for the National Football League is played
February 9th National Pizza Day A day dedicated to eating pizza for all pizza lovers regardless of their topping preference
February 14th Valentine's Day A feast day honoring Saint Valentine also regarded as a day to celebrate love
February 17th Random Act's Of Kindness Day A day celebrated to encourage random acts of kindness
February 20th President's Day A United State's federal holiday to celebrate the birthday of their first president, George Washington
February 20th Word Day Of Social Justice Created by the United Nations to promote the education of poverty
February 28th Pancake Day A day preceding Ash wednesday celebrated in some countries (UK Australian, New Zealand & Canada) for consumption of pancakes
February 28th Fat Tuesday A day before Ash wednesday for eating richer and fatty foods before the fasting of the Lenten season begins
February 28th Mardi Gras Events of Carnival celebrations that begin on or after the Christian feasts of the Epiphany ending on the day before Ash Wednesday

March National Days Event Opportunities

salon marketing plan march  
Date Event Overview
March 2nd World Book Day A day designated by UNESCO for celebrating reading, books, authors, illustrators and the likes
March 3rd Employee Appreciation Day A holiday celebrated in the United States and Canada for companies to thank their employees for their hard work throughout the year
March 8th International Women's Day A day to celebrate the love, respect and appreciation towards women for their socioeconomic and political achievements in the world
March 12th Purim A Jewish festival to commemorate the defeat of Haman's plot to kill the Jews recorded in the book of Esther
March 17th St Patrick's Day A cultural and religious celebration marking the death date of the patron saint of Ireland with dancing, parades, special foods and a whole lot of green colour
March 18th Word Sleep Day An annual event to celebrate sleep and raise awareness for important issues related to sleep
March 20th International Day of Happiness An official United Nations day to celebrate happiness as a fundamental human goal
March 20th First Day of Spring The astronomical Spring equinox to mark the first day of spring
March 23rd Australian Football League Season Starts The first day of the AFL season which runs during the Australian winter (March to September)
March 26th Start Daylight Saving (Clocks Go Forward) The start of daylight saving in which all time zones change at the same moment with clocks going forward in time in the EU and other countries
March 26th Mother's Day A day to celebrate mothers, motherhood, maternal bonds and the influence of mothers in the society
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April National Days Event Opportunities

salon marketing plan april  
Date Event Overview
April 1st April Fools' Day A day for playing practical jokes and spreading hoaxes celebrated every year
April 2nd Major League Baseball Season Starts The start of the Major League Baseball Season
April 14th Good Friday A Christian holiday to commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his death at Calvary observed on the Friday preceding Easter Sunday
April 16th Easter Sunday A festival and holiday to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead
April 22nd Earth Day A day on which events are held worldwide to demonstrate support for environmental protection
April 23rd St Georges Day A day to celebrate Saint George, the patron saint of England
April 30th National Hairstylist Appreciation Day A day to honor hairstylists who make great hairstyles possible which is celebrated annually

May National Days Event Opportunities

salon marketing plan may  
Date Event Overview
May 1st May Day A traditional springtime festival celebrated in many countries with singing, dances and cake
May 1st International Workers Day An international day honouring workers all over the world
May 4th Star Wars Day A day chosen to be observed by fans of the star wars films
May 4th International Firefighters Day A day to recognise fire fighters lost in the line of duty and to thank all firefighters for their extraordinary commitment and sacrifices
May 7th British Football Association Cup Final The final of the annual knockout association football competition in men's domestic English football
May 12th International Nurses Day The anniversary of Florence Nightingale's birth to mark the contributions nurses make to the society
May 14th Mother's Day A day to celebrate and honor mothers for their influence in the society
May 14th Women's National Health Week A week starting from mother's day led by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office to encourage prioritizing of women's health
May 15th International Day of Families A day proclaimed by the UN General Assembly to celebrate the importance of families
May 20th World Whisky Day A day in which participants are encouraged to drink whisky
May 29th Memorial Day A day in the United States on which those who died during their active service years are remembered

June National Days Event Opportunities

salon marketing plan june  
Date Event Overview
June 14th World Blood Donor Day A day dedicated to raising awareness of the need for safe blood and blood products and to thank blood donors for their voluntary blood gifts
June 18th Father's Day A < href="">day on which children particularly honor their fathers
June 20th First Day Of Summer The day of the year when the Sun is farthest north and the longest day of the year
June 21st World Music Day A day celebrated annually with a concept of an all-day musical celebration
June 23rd International Widows Day A day designated by the United Nations to address the poverty and injustice faced by widows and their dependents worldwide
June 24th Armed Forces Day A day celebrated annually to commemorate the service of the British Armed Forces members
June 25th Eid l-Fitr A religious day and holiday celebrated by Muslims worldwide to mark the end of their Islamic holy month of fasting, Ramadan

July National Days Event Opportunities

salon marketing plan july  
Date Event Overview
July 1st Canada Day The national day of Canada on which they celebrate the anniversary of the enactment of the Constitution Act, 1867
July 3rd Start of Wimbledon The start of the oldest and most prestigious tennis tournament in the world - The Championships, Wimbledon
July 4th Independence Day A federal holiday to commemorate the declaration of independence by the United States
July 7th World Chocolate Day A day on which chocolate lovers worldwide can consume chocolates guilt-free
July 16th National Ice Cream Day A day observed each year in the United States with a bowl, cup or cone filled ice cream of your favourite flavour
July 17th World Emoji Day A day to celebrate the daily wide use of emojis

August National Days Event Opportunities

salon marketing plan august  
Date Event Overview
August 7th International Day of Friendship A United Nations day to celebrate friendship
August 12th International Youth Day A day focusing on the issues and contributions of the youth
August 13th Lefthanders Day A day to celebrate lefthanders and raise awareness of the needs of lefthanders worldwide
August 15th National Relaxation Day A day celebrated by taking time to unwind and relax
August 19th World Photo Day An international photography day to celebrate the passion for photography all around the world
August 21st Senior Citizens Day A day to recognise the importance of senior citizens and to honour and show appreciation to them for their contributions
August 30th International Day of the Disappeared A day dedicated to drawing attention to the fate of individuals imprisoned or missing unknown to their relatives

September National Days Event Opportunities

salon marketing plan september  
Date Event Overview
September 1st Back To School The first day of the upcoming new school academic year
September 4th Labor Day A United States public holiday dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers
September 7th NFL Season Starts The start of the American football season
September 10th World Alzheimer's Day A day dedicated to an international campaign for raising awareness of Alzheimer’s and it's challenges
September 21st Rosh Hashana The Jewish New Year
September 21st International Day of Peace A day devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace and to honour a cessation of hostilities
September 22nd First Day of Fall (Autumn) The equinox marking the beginning of Fall season
September 22nd World Car Free Day A day celebrated worldwide with the goal of reducing the number of cars on the roads
September 30th Australian League Football Final The final day of the Australian League Football season

October National Days Event Opportunities

salon marketing plan october  
Date Event Overview
October 1st International Day of Older Persons A day designated by the United Nations General Assembly for creating awareness of the challenges of ageing
October 1st International Coffee Day A day to celebrate coffee as a beverage and to raise awareness for sustainable coffee cultivation and fair trade practices within the industry
October 5th World Teacher's Day A day to celebrate the role teachers play and to mobilize support for teachers to ensure that the needs of students will continue to be met
October 6th World Smile Day An unofficial holiday which encourages people to make people around them smile while doing acts of kindness
October 10th World Mental Health Day A day dedicated to raising awareness of mental health issues around the world
October 11th National Coming Out Day A day organized by the Human Rights Campaign to encourage members of the LGBTQ to disclose their sexual orientation to family and friends
October 11th International Day Of The Girl A day designated by the UN to promote girls' human rights and highlight gender inequalities
October 16th Word Food Day A day created by the United Nations to raise awareness of food supply issues around the world
October 19th Diwali A day to celebrate the Hindu festival of lights every year in autumn
October 29th End Of Daylight Saving Time (Clocks Go Back ) The end of daylight saving in which all time zones change at the same moment with clocks going backward in time in the EU and other countries
October 30th National Spa Week An annual event week in which UK spas and salons offer exciting events and the opportunity for non spa goers to discover the benefits of visiting a spa
October 31st Halloween A day often celebrated by children dressed up in frightening masks and costumes when ghosts and spirits are believed to be abroad. It is now also a big event for adults to hold parties

November National Days Event Opportunities

salon marketing plan november  
Date Event Overview
November 1st Movember An annual event which involves growing of mustaches throughout November to raise awareness of men's health issues
November 5th Guy Fawkes Night A bonfire night to mark the anniversary of the discovery of a plot by Catholic conspirators to blow up the Houses of Parliament in London in 1605
November 10th Veteran's Day An official United States public holiday that honors persons who served in the United States Armed Forces observed annually
November 11th Remembrance Day A memorial day in Commonwealth of Nations member states to remember members of their armed forces who died in the line of duty
November 12th Remembrance Sunday A day in the UK to pay tribute to the contribution of British and Commonwealth military and civilian servicemen and women in the two World Wars
November 12th Inter Faith Week A week that focuses on cooperation and understanding of inter faith made famous by Amazon prime ad
November 13th World Kindness Day A day in which everyone is encouraged to make a declaration of kindness
November 13th World Nursery Rhyme Week A week to celebrate and promote the benefits of singing nursery rhymes
November 14th World Diabetes Day A day to create awareness and focus on diabetes mellitus
November 17th International Day Of Tolerance A day designated by UNESCO to generate public awareness of the dangers of intolerance
November 18th Mickey Mouse's Birthday The birth day of the official mascot of the Walt Disney company who is also one of the most recognisable cartoons in the world
November 19th International Men's Day A day to celebrate the contribution of men and boys to the society
November 20th Universal Children's Day A day to promote international togetherness among childresn and create awareness for improving children's welfare
November 23rd Thanksgiving A day in United States and other countries to celebrate the harvest and other blessings of the past year
November 24th Black Friday The day following Thanksgiving Day in the United States, when most stores offer discounted prices on most products. This event has now turned into a global event
November 25th International Day For The Elimination Of Violence Against Women A day created by the UN to raise public awareness of violence against women
November 25th Small Business Saturday A day in the Uk which highlights small business successes and encourages consumers to shop local product and held in the Us after Thanksgiving
November 27th Cyber Monday A marketing term for the Monday after Thanksgiving holiday in the United States when shops offer discounted prices on items

December National Days Event Opportunities

salon marketing plan december  
Date Event Overview
December 1st Word Aids Day A day dedicated to raising awareness of HIV AIDS and remembrance of those who have died of the disease
December 1st Decembeard Dedicated to giving up the Razor, growing a beard and raising funds to beat bowel cancer
December 3rd First Day Of Advent The first day of the time of expectant waiting and preparation for the celebration of Jesus at Christmas
December 3rd International Day Of Persons With Disabilities A day promoted by the UN to promote an understanding of disability issues and mobilize support
December 4th National Cookie Day A day celebrating all types of cookies
December 5th International Volunteers Day A day for volunteer organizations and individual volunteers to make their contributions visible at all levels
December 6th International Friendship Day A day dedicated to celebrating friendship
December 6th St. Nicholas Day A Christian festival with particular regard to celebrating St Nicholas and his reputation as a bringer of gifts
December 10th Humans Rights Day A day to raise awareness of human rights throughout the world
December 12th Hanukkah A Jewish holiday paying tribute to the rededication of the Second Temple in Jerusalem at the time of the Maccabean Revolt against the Seleucid Empire
December 21st First Day of Winter The day with the fewest hours of sunlight during the whole year
December 24th Chrismtas Eve The entire day preceding Christmas Day
December 25th Christmas Day An annual festival observed by Christians to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ
December 26th Boxing Day The day after Christmas day often referred to as the second day of Christmas
December 31st New Year's Eve The last day of the year with celebrations leading to midnight to usher in the new year

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