The Best Way To Get Catchy Salon Name Ideas For Your Salon

What’s in a name? How to come up with a perfect hair salon name

So you’re opening your new hair salon. Congratulations! But there’s one incredibly important step to take before you unlock the doors to greet your very first customer – coming up with a name for your salon.

Unless you’re setting up in a village or very small town, chances are that you’ll be competing with several other salons. So although choosing unique salon names can be a challenge, it’s part of the necessary marketing strategy to make your establishment stand out from the competition.

This means you’ve got quite a challenging task ahead of you! How can you arrive at a great salon name? Try these tips:

Clever business names. Play with words! Think of the classic Curl Up & Dye (although this is now such a cliché that you’ll need to be more original). Your customers might groan at the pun but they’ll certainly remember you.

French names. Calling your salon Chez Maurice might sound a bit twee and like it’s from a 70’s sitcom, but pick the right French-inspired name and you’ll lend some class to your salon. Try something like ExtraordinHAIRe or Le Salon Parfait.

Use a business name generator. There are lots of free tools to help you pick a name. You can use a tool that’s specifically for hair salons, or a general business name generator. But even if you don’t see a name you like, the suggestions may give you ideas of your own.

Look for unique names. Pick a town or city and browse through the list of hair salons in their Yellow Pages.

Check your own town. As well as coming up with ideas, you need to eliminate hair salon names that are too similar or identical to those of your competitors. Check what other salons in the area are called, so that you don’t inadvertently pick a name that might lead to your salon being confused with another.

Catchy business names stand out. With dozens of hair salons in most towns, you want yours to stand out and be the first one people think of. Choose a name that’s catchy enough to stay in people’s minds and be noticeable when they pass it.

The best names are clever, but not too clever. Playing with words to create a cool business name is fun and memorable. But be careful that you don’t take it too far, and make your potential customers groan and move on to the next salon because they can’t bear to get their hair cut at the Hair Care Bunch.

Keep it short. Business names shouldn’t be too long, or they’ll take up too much space on the shop front. Signs are expensive!

Classy hair salon names give the right impression. Unless you’re running a cheap & cheerful barber shop-type salon, the name of your salon should suggest class and a touch of luxury. Female customers want to feel pampered when they get their hair cut, coloured or blow-dried, so pick a name that gives the right impression.

The same goes for beauty salon name ideas. Heading to the beauty salon is all about pampering, so pick a name that suggests luxury and relaxation. It needs to sound soothing and calming.

Run a focus group. Get some of your friends together, open some bottles of wine, and get them to come up with salon name ideas. Make sure you’re sober when you actually make the choice though, or you could end up with a name you regret!

Great names don’t make customers cringe. The days are gone when the likes of Curl Up & Dye would appeal to customers. Today’s women are more sophisticated and will immediately see this type of name as dated and belonging to the 1980s. Play with creative salon names, but don’t go too far and make your customers cringe.

Consider your market. Business names should reflect the clientele you’re aiming your services at. If you’re opening in a hip, up-and-coming district with lots of trendy businesses moving in, the name should be suitably cool. However, if your clients are likely to be more mature, choose something more traditional and ‘safe’.

Salon names are visual. The name of your salon is going to be all over the premises – literally. It’ll be on the shop front, the leaflets you distribute, online advertising … so before you decide on a name, study how it looks. Create a mock up of the shop front in a program like Paint, and play with different fonts and colours. You might find that a name you love looks completely ‘wrong’ in print.

Browse beauty salon names lists. Look online for suggestions. You’ll find countless ideas to choose from or spark off ideas of your own.

Take your time. You want your salon to be a success, so you’re hopefully going to be using the name for a long time. This means you need to pick a name you’re comfortable with, just like choosing a name for your child! Rebranding is expensive, and confusing for customers, so you don’t want to regret your choice of salon name.

Start early. The time to begin working on a name is when you first think of opening a salon. Then once you’ve made a choice you’ve got time to reflect and decide if it’s really the name you want. If you conclude that it’s not really working after all, you’ve got time to pick another one.

Create a shortlist. Pick three unique salon names that you like. You might find that your second choice is actually the one that you prefer.

Choose a name that reflects the business. The name needs to indicate what the business is about. It doesn’t have to be as blunt as ‘Hayley’s Hair Salon’, but does need to hint that it’s a salon.

Consider your focus. If your salon is going to specialise in a particular aspect of hair care, such as extensions, choose a name that points towards that speciality. This will remind customers of what you offer.

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