29 Spanish Salon Name Ideas | Find The Right Latino Name For You

Spanish is one of the most common languages in the world.

Choosing a Spanish salon name has a slightly cooler vibe to it than French or Italian for instance.

If you’ve decided to open up a salon, first things first — congrats!

Now all you have to do is choose a name you love!

We recommend you go for the name that appeals to your demographic and more.


What You Will Learn In This Article?

Once you’ve read this article, you’ll have a better idea of what Spanish name you want to call your new salon.


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  3. What are Appropriate Salon Names?
  4. How to Pick a Name for Your Salon?
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How Important is Your Business Name?


Your salon name is without a doubt one of the most important components to your business. There are many salons and spas around, so it’s important you choose a name that makes yours stand out from the crowd. You want to differentiate yourself from the other businesses. A good Spanish salon name will have a chic edge and catch the attention of possible clients.

The salon and spa business landscape can be oversaturated. It can be tricky to choose a name that hasn’t been used a hundred times before. But finding a unique idea is essential to your business. It will help you build your branding up and it’ll attract the people to your business. A terrible name will make people turn away.

Don’t be scared to take your time when choosing a name for your business, it’s a big decision and one that shouldn’t be rushed. If you choose the right name, you could be working with it for many years ahead.

What Does The Name of a Successful Salon Do?

good salon names
Good Salon Names

A successful salon name will help establish you in the local area. It will become associated with you, so you want to make an impact. A good name will catch the eye of potential clients and help loyal clients feel proud to be associated with it.

Unsure about how to pick a good salon name? Here are some ideas that will help you reach the best hair salon:

  • Give The Correct Impression

    If you want your salon to have an effortless, demure look and feel, choose a Spanish name that won’t go out of style quickly. Trends are great, but they quickly become dated. Pick something that has perennial appeal. Make sure you pick a classy name too, and not something that sounds fast and cheap — unless that’s your salon’s vibes.

    Your clients want to feel cared for and pampered from the moment they walk through your doors. Choosing a chic Spanish name will invite them in and help them kickback in style.

  • Find The Market of Your Salon

    If you want your salon to be a success, you need to attract your target market. Your name should appeal to people from within that demographic. It should feel familiar to the clients you want to draw in.

    Pick out a simple but elegant Spanish name to entice an older crowd. If you’re hoping to attract a younger market, choose something funky but timeless.

What are Appropriate Salon Names?

how choose salon name
How to Choose a Salon Name

Don’t make your salon’s name confusing or vague. It should be straight to the point. A Spanish name shouldn’t be too hard to pronounce and potential clients should understand what treatments you offer.

A good salon name will immediately let your clients know what it is you sell. There should be no confusion as to the treatments you offer. It should also be something that resonates with them. Make the name as catchy as possible, so that client’s will quickly think of you when it’s time for them to book their next appointment. A good salon name won’t need a big long explanation.


Names of The Salon are Visual

It will be helpful to your brand if your name has a visual element. That way when you share it on your marketing and sales collateral, you won’t get bored of it quickly, You need to love it at every step.

From the sign on your shop front to your email header, your salon’s names will be everywhere. Before you makes final decision, test how the name looks using a site like Canva. You can use Canva to mock up the name in a graphic design. You can play with colors and fonts too.

This will give you immediate results and you’ll get to know what your real feelings are about your name. Once you see the name in a design, you might decide you don’t like it.


Reflect The Market

Your salon’s name should represent the market you’re entering. You want it to allude to the treatments that you offer. You don’t need to overtly call it a hair salon, but you could hint at it with your name.


Don’t Make Future Clients Cringe

An embarrassing name is a nightmare for your clients. If it makes them cringe when they say it, they won’t want to refer to their friends and talk about your salon. No one wants to visit Curl Up & Dye anymore — it’s just not cool! Today’s clients are knowledgeable and they want to visit places that have forward-thinking branding. Choose a name that intrigues them. Keep it simple and classic so it won’t go out of fashion quickly.


Consider Your Specialization

If your salon is going to specialize in a specific area, it’s a good idea to use your name to point to this. Perhaps you’re offering eyelash extensions only, or maybe you only offer long hair extensions. Whatever it is you offer, use the salon name to make this clear to clients. That way you’ll come to mind instantly when a client comes to book in with a salon.

If you’re a new salon owner, you might be tempted to name your business after yourself. While this adds a personal touch, it can actually cause problems for your business further down the line. If you decide to ever sell your salon and you’ve named it after yourself, this could deter potential buyers. If you can, leave your first name especially out of it.

Surnames can work , especially when they’re worked in an ambiguous way. A great example of this is Taylor Taylor London. The name rolls off the tongue easily and it’s easy to remember. Though the original Taylor has now left the business, clients are none the wiser because it doesn't point to one specific person.


Names That are Clever But Not Too Clever are The Best

A clever name is great, but if you make it too clever, your clients won’t find it inviting. You want a Spanish name that’s easy to remember. You want your name to be sophisticated, so that clients feel proud to be a part of the community.


The Shorter The Better

As tempting as it is to make your salon name long and intricate, in reality, you could cost yourself more money if you do this. Long names are really expensive for promotional signs! Keep your name short and snappy and don’t make it complicated to spell.

How to Pick a Name for Your Salon?


At last, we’re getting to the fun part — picking a name for your salon! If you’re deciding on a salon name, consider the following steps:

  • Get Started Early

    Don’t wait to choose your salon’s name. Put choosing a name at the top of your to-do list because it will influence so many different aspects of your business. Plus, if you do change your mind about your name, you can easily switch it up at a later date.

  • Search on Google

    If you’re lacking in good ideas, use Google for inspiration. Check out cool Spanish names by looking at what salons are called in Paris. Simply Google ‘Paris salon names’ and you should be given some ideas. You only need one good idea to make your name work!

  • Check Out Your City

    An important thing to do is to check out the names of salons in your local area. You don’t want to choose a name that’s really similar to another salon. This will confuse clients and it could interfere with your brand loyalty. Choose a name that is very different and you will be fine. Imagine your clients getting confused and booking in with someone else instead of you!

  • Make Sure Your Domain Name is Secure

    It’s 2021, so of course, you need your salon to have a fresh, up-to-date, and accessible website. If your website looks clunky or old-fashion, it will quickly turn new clients off. Once you have your name, grab the website domain for it.

  • Look at social media

    Check Facebook and Instagram for the thousands of hair salons in the USA to see which salons are close (or the same) in name to the names on your shortlist.

    If there are lots of similar names, it might be tricky for your clients to recommend and refer their friends to your salon by name alone, If you have a similar name to another salon, it might be hard for someone new to find you and book for that all-important first appointment.

  • Ask for Family and Friends

    Your friends and family offer a cost-effective way to carry out some market research. Let them know the names that you’re thinking about and ask for their opinion. Don’t try to persuade them one way or another — let them do the deciding themselves. If you’re really stumped for ideas, gather your loved ones together and play with some name ideas over a bottle of wine or two. Who said this process can’t be fun!

  • Using a Generator of Company Names

    Still stuck for ideas? You could always give a name generator a try. There are many online tools for you to test out. They’ll generate salon names and then you can choose what you like. Even if they don’t give you an idea you love, they could inspire a Spanish salon name all of your own.

  • Checkout Pinterest for Spanish Names for Salons

    An often forgotten social media platform, Pinterest can provide you with an endless source of Spanish salon name inspiration. Check out the posts and look at what other people are calling their salons. It's a really fun creative way to tackle the process.

Spanish Salon Names Ideas


Spanish Salon Names List

  1. Bellegente (Beauty & People)
  2. Bella Vida (Good Life)
  3. Corte (Cut)
  4. Corte de Lujo (Luxury)
  5. Inmersión (Complete Involvement)
  6. Estilo Salon (Style)
  7. Estudio Imagen (Image Study)
  8. Alisanea (Smooth)
  9. Peluquería Orgánica
  10. Elegante
  11. Salon Cobre (Copper)
  12. Mi Momento Estilistes (My Stylist Moment)
  13. Contrastes (contrast)
  14. Salon Aqua (Water)
  15. Salon Aceite (Oil)
  16. Per a Tu (For You)
  17. Brillo Hair (Shine)
  18. Corto y Cambio (Short & Change)
  19. Colado (casting)
  20. Cabeza (head)
  21. Corta cabez (Short)
  22. Salon Dorado (golden)
  23. Salon Gajo (lock of hair)
  24. Hebra (a strand of hair)
  25. A Capas (in layers)
  26. Brillantina (Glitter)
  27. Muy Hair (Much)
  28. Lustre (Luster)
  29. Baño (bath)

Find more name inspirations for your salon from Belliata

Next Steps


If you suddenly have a huge list of potential Spanish salon names, it could be time to start reducing the list down to your top few. Three names is a good amount to test with, so keep whittling the list down until you get there.


Build a Shortlist

Once you have a list of your top three Spanish salon names it’s time to get down to serious business — which name is gonna win?! Always play with the three ideas and take your time deciding. Sometimes your first choice changes once you see it in a design.

Test out the names on your family and friends and don’t try to influence their decision. Let them know a bit about what your salon will offer, so they can choose the best name to associate with that.


Take Your Time

If your salon is a success, you could be working with your salon name for a very long time. That is why it’s so important you choose a name that you really like. Don't rush to make a decision and test out the name with different people to see how they react to it.

Choose a classic Spanish salon name that isn’t too trendy or fashionable. The last thing you want to pay out for is a costly rebrand because you’ve suddenly gone off the name.



As we’ve talked about, deciding on a good name for your salon is essential. It can have a huge impact on how your business progresses. Make sure to try the name out with people from the target audience you’re trying to attract and don’t rush the decision.

A good Spanish salon name will have effortless appeal and never go out of style. It should be something that you’re happy to say out loud and make sure it looks great on your branding too.

A good salon name could signal a successful business, so make sure you choose wisely.

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