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Are you looking for a new role as a salon receptionist? Or are you a Salon Manager or Owner looking to recruit this highly important role for your salon?

Well if you are, then we are here to help.....

We have put this salon receptionist job description, where we outline typical salon reception duties to help you.


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In this article we will walk you through all the key elements of a salon receptionist job. You will also be able to download a free template whether you need in your career planning or as a salon owner for recruitment purposes.


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  1. What Is The Importance Of A Receptionist In A Salon?
  2. What Does A Receptionist at a Hair Salon Do?
  3. What Are The Required Skills For A Salon Receptionist?
  4. Salon Receptionist Duties Checklist Ideas
  5. What Should A Salon Receptionist Wear?
  6. Examples Of Salon Receptionist Job Interview Questions
  7. How Much Do Salon Receptionist Make?
  8. Download Your Salon Receptionist Job Description Free Template
  9. Conclusion

What Is The Importance Of A Receptionist In A Salon?


The salon receptionist is usually the first person which a client will have contact with when arriving at or contacting a salon or spa.

Because of that, we could say that a salon receptionist is the face of the salon.

Customer experience is becoming more and more important in salons today and in many salons, the receptionist is the one who is monitoring the experience of clients during and prior to their visit.


What Does A Receptionist at a Hair Salon Do?


As mentioned before the salon receptionist is a person who looks after clients, provides them with a complimentary beverage or magazine, takes the clients coat, and ensures that the client is introduced to the relevant salon staff member within the salon or spa.

If the client is a walk-in client, the receptionist should be able to provide information about services and products in the salon. Also salon receptionist as salon manager should know duties of staff such as hairstylist job description or manicurist duties.

Since most salons have a wide range of services, a salon receptionist must have knowledge of all of them as well as their purpose and effects.

What could be worse than giving potential clients the wrong information?

They must be very flexible in their approach as not everything can ever be covered in their duties and will often need to assist the Salon Manager with their duties.

When customers enter the salon, a salon receptionist welcomes them and asks for the purpose of their visit. If clients aren't sure what exactly do they want, then a salon receptionist should determine clients' needs and suggests the best solution, whether this is a treatment or a certain member of staff.

How could a salon receptionist suggest something if she doesn't know what the purpose of that service is and what the effects of use that service would be?! So, your first task as a salon receptionist would be to get to know about all salon's services.

While clients are waiting for services, they suppose to feel comfortable.

You will offer clients some refreshments and magazines to read while they are waiting. In this way, they won't be boring and you can work others duties in peace.

Client satisfaction is key!

To ensure this, your job is to make them a comfortable visit and service on a high level. While customers don't be forwarded to the hairstylists, they are your duty.

In order to perform your job well, as a salon receptionist you must communicate a lot and smile all the time. You have to be a good listener and even better communicator.

How would you accomplish what is necessary if you don’t communicate as much as needed?

As a salon receptionist, you need to deals with the general inquiries of the clients.

You will answer the phone, respond to emails and social media messages, give information about the salon, etc.

Scheduling and canceling appointments for clients should be part of the responsibilities too. If your salon does not have SMS appointment reminders within your salon software, they will also call clients and remind them of their booking.

And all of the time you must smiling, be extra polite, and answer all that you are asked.

This is easy when you are happy and speak with a kind person, but even in the opposite situation, you must behave the same.

No one like a gloomy or angry receptionist.

And be prepared that not everyone will be so kind and polite to you. Some customers are so tough and demanding and you will have to deal with them too. On the kindly manner of course.


Qualifications For A Salon Receptionist

Your school in this position is not so important, even is desirable that you have a high school diploma. But to have various skills is mandatory.

You are supposed to be a person with a specific character to perform this job well. You should have great interpersonal skills, computer skills also, and organizational and administrative skills are an advantage.

Your job will be to monitor stock and informs a salon manager when they are in shortage, to promote products and services of the salon, to assist in providing services if staff is in crowds, etc.

Maintaining cleanliness of a salon, especially in the early morning before opening time, will also be your duty.

So, as you see, since you will work on various tasks, you will need to have various skills. More skills you have, the better you will perform your job.

As much you communicate with customers, on a higher level you will service them and they will be more satisfied. More your boss is happy with your work, a higher salary will you have. So, work hard and do not be afraid for your future in the salon.

From that position you can always easily be promoted to a higher position if you are a good worker.

Besides the hairdressing or beauty salons, you may work at spas, cruise lines, private clubs, etc. Everywhere you will have pleasant and nice working conditions, so you will really enjoy your job.


Improving salon revenue opportunities

One key salon receptionist's job objective is to drive extra revenues for the salon.

This can include promoting retail products to maintain the client's treatment or a new hairstyle. Or it can be booking the client in for their visit, thus improving client loyalty.

Do not miss our post about salon staff interview questions to use when interviewing job candidates - stylists, managers, assistants, and receptionists.

Required Skills For A Salon Receptionist

  • Good computer skills
  • Good written skills
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Good organizational skills
  • Good selling skills

With this is mind, it is essential that those seeking this role are professional with excellent interpersonal skills.

Salon Receptionist Duties Checklist Ideas

  • Welcomes clients on arrival to the salon
  • Answer telephone calls, emails and social media messages promptly and courteously
  • Provide complimentary drinks to arriving clients
  • Inform colleagues that their client has arrived and for what service or services
  • Manage the salon appointment schedule efficiently
  • Contact clients if salon staff member is sick and re-arrange appointment
  • If not using SMS appointment reminders, call clients to remind them of their appointment
  • Call clients who are late for appointments and see if they are running late or are a no-show
  • Take payments from clients after their appointment
  • Check washroom facilities are stocked and clean
  • Keep reception area clean, tidy and free from hazards
  • Respond to online reviews daily and pass feedback onto management
  • Co-ordinate and resolve client complaints
  • Properly add clients email address and telephone number to salon scheduling software
  • Keep the retail merchandising stocked
  • Up-sell salon retail products when taking payments
  • Prompt clients to book their next appointment

What Should A Salon Receptionist Wear


This can depend very much on the style of the salon.

The role could be at a chain of salons where the dress code is dictated to by head office and could be like a black or white uniform and that means that the receptionists have a similar look to the stylist and other services providers.

Or it could be an independent salon or spa where there is no dress code but as a receptionist, it is always best to be presentable and dress appropriately for the clients of the salon or spa.

If the salon is for old clients then a more conservative approach would be better but if you are in trendy Brooklyn, New York, or Hoxton in east London then the dress code is generally pretty free.

Most importantly, the receptionist shouldn't wear anything that could put them or clients in danger.

Examples Of Salon Receptionist Job Interview Questions


If you are looking to recruit a salon receptionist for your salon and stuck on what interview questions you should ask your candidates, we have put some really key questions to ask those applying as a salon receptionist for your salon.

It isn't one way street...

Ensuring you are an effective interviewer will also make sure the candidate wants to work in your salon also.

These interview questions, will give you a good indication on whether the candidate is right for your salon.

  • What interested you about this salon receptionist job role?
  • Why do you think the role of a salon receptionist is important within a salon?
  • How do you keep track of what you need to do?
  • What do you think makes up a good customer experience in a salon?
  • How would you deal with a complaint from a client?
  • What is teamwork important within a salon?
  • If there was a double booking in the salon how would you deal with it?

How Much Do Salon Receptionist Make


Depending on where you are in the world, the type of salon or your skills will very much depict what your salary level will be as a receptionist.

In the US, according to data from Payscale in 2017 a salon receptionist can earn a median of about $10.00 per hour in the United States.

There are some factors which could be included in the earnings of a salon receptionist and these could be:

  • Profit bonuses of salon
  • Commission on retail products sold
  • Share of client tips
  • Extra for working on a Sunday
  • Overtime
  • Other perks such as free hair cuts or discount on products

You can find out more about the median earnings for a hair salon receptionist at payscale.

Download Your Salon Receptionist Job Description Free Template

Salon receptionist resume
Salon Receptionist Resume



As you have seen, a salon receptionist job is very diverse and interesting. To be the face of the salon is an honorary role. So, give your best. And as doing so, you may hope to be promoted to a higher position within the salon.



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