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Maximising your treatments rooms are a key success to any spa. With our spa software , Spa Managers and owners can be sure that you are utilising both treatment and staffing. Allowing customers to book online improves the customer experience, ensuring that you are not leaving mid-treatment to answer the telephone or loose bookings through people not wanting to talk to an answering machine.



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spa software scheduling STAFF SCHEDULING

Managing your spa is a huge task, managing your paper appointment book is an even bigger task. With our salon scheduling software, you are able to ensure you know what what your staff are doing at any one time

spa software online booking ONLINE BOOKING

More and more customers are expecting to be able to book their spa appointments online. With our easy to use online booking tool, you can take appointments 24/7 via your website and even your Facebook page

spa software reminders APPOINTMENT REMINDERS

Need to reduce the no-shows in your spa? With our automated appointment reminders you are able send customers a reminder of their booking at a certain time period prior to them coming your salon

spa software customer tracking CUSTOMER TRACKING

Need to know your most loyal or highest spending customers? Our customer tracking solution allows you see these valuable customers in a few clicks of a mouse. You can even add their birthday to their customer record

spa software tag SPA POINT OF SALE

Want to drive more revenue in your spa? Make sure you are selling more products in your spa using our salon spa software and in turn manage you stock levels and commissions for staff. Don’t forget to get your staff to prompt customers regarding retail.

spa software mac ipad WORKS ON IPAD & MAC

Using an iPad or an Apple Mac in your spa and concerned that your choice of software won’t work on your devices? Don’t worry our spa software works across all devices, including iPad, Mac, Windows and Android. There is no need for any downloads either, which makes it even easier.

spa software free EASY SET UP

Scared of computer software? Well we have done all the work for you and you could have your spa online and ready to take bookings from customers in ten minutes. We have added the most popular spa services so you do have to start from scratch

spa software reporting REPORTING

Need to know how much your spa is making, which member of staff has the most bookings? We have created a range of simple reports to keep you up to date with your business finances.


  • Having started to use Belliata spa scheduling software in my business, it has changed the way we work. With the use of the online booking, customers love it and now 80% of our bookings are now made online.

  • It’s completely transformed the way we do marketing. Not only from the platform perspective, but also from the inbound philosophy angle. Project continued efforts to educate its own customers by “drinking their own juice” so to speak, is not only admirable, but inspiring.

  • Fantastic tool, and well-suited for customers who want to manage all content in-house. We have seen increased website traffic and blog readership since using it, and the platform’s ease-of-use to manage our website makes use of this software a no-brainer.

client JASON PETTERSON Painted Lady – London

client MARCUS BLIFFORD VP Marketing at Footbook

client HELLEN LEE Accountant at Vell Inc.


Choose best options that fits your business requirements. You can upgrade or cancel at anytime.


  • Unlimited in-spa bookings
  • Unlimited Customers
  • Unlimited Staff
  • Unlimited Email Reminders
  • Unlimited Customer Satisfaction Surveys

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Here are some answers to your most commom questions.

Can I use my existing computer or tablet?

Yes. Our solution can be used on Windows, Apple and Android devices without any issues. All you need is an Internet connection and a web browser, such as Chrome or Safari. What can be more simple?

Who owns my data?

You own your data and we are working on allowing you to back up your data automatically with Dropbox or Google Drive, so you have extra reassurance. We realise that data is now a essential to element to any business

How can I get support?

We aim to provide you with the best support to ensure you get the maximum benefit from Belliata Spa Software. If creating an account, Live chat, email and YouTube videos to guide you through how to achieve the best results.

What if I loose my internet connection?

You are able to use our platform on an internet connect tablet or smartphone.

Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes you can downgrade and cancel at any time.


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